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Club-specific policies and operational guidelines are linked below. All SU policies and procedures can be found on the Students' Union Website, including the MSC Space Booking and Usage procedure, Acceptable Display procedure, and Advertising and Signage policy. 

Student Organization Registration Procedure


Student Organization Funding and Services Procedure


Clubs Committee Terms of Reference


Clubs Manual


Constitution Writing Guide



Appendix A: Registered Club Agreement

The following agreement must be acknowledged when a Student Organization completes their online registration with the Students' Union:

As a Club Executive for an SU Registered Student Organization, I the undersigned, confirm that I have fully read and understood the Students’ Union’s Clubs Committee Terms of Reference, the Student Organization Registration Procedure, and Clubs Manual in their entirety. In accordance with these policies and procedures, our club agrees to:

  1. Maintain a minimum of 20 members, at least two-thirds of whom are current undergraduate students enrolled at the University of Calgary.
  2. Operate according to a complete and properly ratified governing document (i.e. a constitution or bylaws) as submitted to the SU.
  3. Submit a current version of the club’s governing document within two weeks of any amendments.
  4. Have a Club Executive that is designated responsibility for ensuring compliance with SU and University of Calgary policies and procedures. The club agrees to designate at least four members as a Club Executive, all of whom must be current undergraduate students enrolled at the University of Calgary.
  5. Submit a properly completed Annual Report to the SU by April 30.
  6. Abide by all requirements established in SU policies and procedures at all times.
  7. Abide by University of Calgary policies and procedures, as well as federal, provincial, and municipal legislation.
  8. Send two representatives to a Survival Seminar each year before it may access SU funding, services, and other benefits.
  9. Submit an insurance fee form and pay the prescribed insurance fee according to deadlines established by the Coordinator, Student Organizations.
  10. Obtain, at its own expense, insurance for its off-campus events as required by the SU.
  11. Pay for all goods and services provided by the SU within the prescribed time period.
  12. Submit event proposal forms in a timely manner and according to any deadlines established by the Coordinator, Student Organizations.
  13. Collect and submit waivers and risk assessments when notified by the SU of a requirement to do so.
  14. Ensuring that a minimum of two Club Executives complete ProServe training in advance of any club events that may involve alcohol.
  15. Pay for repairs or replacement of SU or university property, for any of its members are responsible for damage, either through willful action or negligence.
  16. Be responsible for the maintenance and security of the club internet (email) account and the club space, including all property, real and personal, assigned by the SU.
  17. Fulfill transition requirements when a new Club Executive is elected. These transition requirements include but are not limited to:
    • Transfer of Club Hub accounts.
    • Awareness of SU policies and procedures.
    • Transferring custodianship of club records and materials including office and mailbox keys, locker combination, passwords to email accounts, etc.

The club understands that failure to comply with any of the above terms of registration may result in the suspension of the club’s access to funding, services and other benefits offered by the SU.

The club understands and agrees that the SU may grant Provisional Registration status. The club agrees to comply with conditions established by the Coordinator, Student Organizations for continued registration with the SU. At the sole discretion of the SU, the Coordinator, Student Organizations has the right to immediately suspend the club’s access to funding, services, and other benefits if the terms of registration are violated.

The club understands and agrees that the SU Students’ Legislative Council (SLC), Clubs Committee, other SU committees, the Review Board, or the Tribunal may make decisions or determinations at any time without notice that may impact the club’s status with the SU or the club’s ability to access funding and services offered by the SU. The club agrees to abide by and comply with any decision or determination.

The club understands and agrees that any funding and services made available to student organizations is subject to the availability of funds, equipment, or space as provided for in the SU’s annual budget and other Union Policy. Annual allocations for funding and services for student organizations is based on the club year (May 1 to April 30) and is subject to operational procedures and administrative processes such as deadlines and application requirements.

Appendix B: Diversity, Equity, and Safe Spaces

The Students’ Union values all students and is committed to providing them with a positive environment for all aspects of the student experience, including club participation. Discrimination and harassment are prohibited by law and by university policy and will not be tolerated. Any behaviour that threatens a fellow club member’s dignity and worth is unacceptable. It is everyone’s responsibility not to harass others and contribute to a harmonious atmosphere in the clubs area.

Discrimination: Whether intentional or unintentional, discrimination is unfair, differential treatment of individuals and groups based on prejudice, stereotypes, ignorance, and fear, for which there is no bona fide or reasonable justification and which imposes burdens, obligations, or disadvantages on individuals or groups. All clubs must acknowledge the following membership disclaimer in their constitution: 

You may not restrict membership based on a group characteristic such as age, ancestry, colour, family status, marital status, physical or mental ability, place of origin, political belief, race, ethnicity, religion, sex, gender identity or expression, or sexual or romantic orientation, unless it can be proven to the reasonable satisfaction of the Clubs Committee that the membership restriction is intended to protect members of a group who share the same protected characteristics. 

Harassment: Harassment is a form of discrimination which involves unsolicited and unwelcome attention from a person who knows or reasonably ought to know that such behaviour is unwelcome. Such unwelcome comment or conduct is intimidating, threatening, demeaning, or abusive and may be accompanied by direct or implied threats to grades, status or job. Harassment has the impact of effect of creating a hostile or poisoned work or study environment and limits individuals in their pursuit of education, research or work goals. Harassment can be discriminatory, sexual or personal in nature.

Consistent with the Alberta Human Rights, Citizenship and Multiculturalism Act, the University of Calgary prohibits discrimination and harassment on the following grounds: race, religious beliefs (including native spirituality), colour, gender, gender expression, physical or mental disability, age, marital status, family status, ancestry, place of origin, source of income, sexual orientation or political beliefs.

Appendix C: MCEC Room and Public Space Booking Conditions and Restrictions

  1. All food consumed in the MacEwan Conference and Events Centre must be purchased from their catering service. Outside food cannot be consumed in any of the meeting rooms booked through the SU. The only exception to this rule is if your vent is closed to the public (i.e., for club members only). If you are planning on ordering or bringing food into your room booking, you must notify the CSO. You must also follow all health and safety regulations outlined at Your club is responsible for clean-up. Failure to do so may result in extra costs.
  2. Under no circumstances may outside alcohol be consumed in the MacEwan Conference and Events Centre. If you would like to arrange for alcohol to be served at your event, be aware that all your club insurance and Pro-Serve/ASIP requirements must be complete and your event must be in accord with the University Of Calgary Use Of Alcohol Policy.
  3. To receive the space booking benefit, the club must be the primary organizer of the event and two-thirds of participants must be undergraduate students. Clubs are not permitted to sublet their meeting space or discounts to other groups.
  4. All space bookings are subject to availability and may change without notice. The MacEwan Conference and Events Centre reserves the right to alter bookings at any point prior to 3 business days in advance of the event. If this should happen, the club will be contacted and every effort will be made to locate another space that conforms to the specific needs of the booking. Should the MacEwan Conference and Events Centre wish to move a club booking less than 3 business days in advance of the event, they must consult with the club representative and attempt to negotiate an acceptable alternative. If no solution acceptable to both parties is reached during these negotiations, the original club booking must be honoured.
  5. Clubs are responsible for ensuring that noise generated by their events does not disturb other students or the businesses and departments housing MSC. The SU reserves the right to terminate an event after reasonable warned related to noise.
  6. The SU reserves the right to request a deposit on any club booking. Failure to pay the deposit will result in the cancellation of the event.
  7. Standard room set-ups are included in the room booking. Labour charges for the physical set-up of the room may be added to a booking if there are unusual circumstances (i.e., quick turnaround requirements or excessive labour needs due to extensive set-up). Costs associated with the excessive cleaning or repair of rooms and equipment are the responsibility of the club.
  8. Payment of all invoices is required within 30 days of the event. Any clubs with outstanding debts to the SU will have their privileges suspended and may be de-sanctioned.
  9. Cancellation Policy: A minimum of 3 days’ notice must be given for a cancellation. Not showing up within 60 minutes after the start time of your booking will be treated as a cancellation. Failure to adhere to the cancellation policy will result in a cancellation fee of $100.
  10. If your event involves showing a movie you are responsible for abiding by copyright laws.
  11. If the movie can be found on, then the SU already has a license, and the club can show the movie. If not, contact the university’s copyright office at 403-220-3721 to make arrangements for obtaining copyright permission for the showing. You must provide the CSO with proof that you have obtained permission to show the movie.

Appendix D: MCEC Table Booking Conditions and Restrictions

  1. Clubs may not sublet their table booking privileges to another group.
  2. When using a table booking, stay within one meter of your table. Approaching people walking by is not permitted, nor is leaving printed materials anywhere other than your table.
  3. You must remain within 3 feet of your table at all times.
  4. The SU reserves the right to limit table bookings to a maximum of five in any one week period for any one club.
  5. All club table bookings must be paid in full in advance.
  6. The SU reserves the right to refuse anyone promoting information of a controversial nature. Materials must be reviewed prior to the first reservation date.
  7. Vendors must conform to all requirements specified by law and are responsible for the purchase of any operating licenses required. Selling trademark goods or knock-off brand names is permitted only with express written consent of the trademark or brand name holder.
  8. Self-prepared foods, such as baked goods, are not permitted.
  9. Clubs must adhere to the MCEC Table rules (here) at all times.
  10. The club must adhere to provincial and municipal laws regarding the sale of raffle tickets and other forms of gambling.

A PDF version of the Clubs Manual is also available to download or view online.



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