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ClubsNews: March Motivation

Can you feel spring in the air? Neither can the Clubs Office... but we can stay motivated together to get through the winter with this week's ClubsNews! The SU General Election is coming to an end, and today is your last day to vote! Make sure to log onto your UofC portal online and cast your vote! More on the SU Elections can be found here, and make sure you also read up on Club Annual Reports, the Club Awards Banquet, Stepping Up, the Upcoming WorkshopSeries, this week’s Spotlight Winner, and more. Check out the latest and greatest on this week’s ClubsNews (read online here or TL/DR version).


ClubsNews: Opportunities, Opportunities!

This week on ClubsNews, read up on Club Awards and Scholarships, the 2018 SU General Election, the SU Survey, the Spring Food Drive, this week’s Spotlight Winner, and more (read online here or TL/DR version).


ClubsNews: New Year, New News

This week on ClubsNews, read up on ClubsWeek, the ClubHub 101 and 201, Club Awards and Scholarships, the 2018 SU General ElectionVolunteer Tax Program, upcoming WorkshopSeries events, this week's Spotlight Winner, and more (read online here or TL/DR version).


ClubsNews: Happy Holidays

The holiday season is on our doorstep which means your CSO is gaining superpowers day by day (the superpowers reach their peak on December 25). Power up on your clubs knowledge and read up on Clubs Week, the January ClubHub 101 and 201 sessions, a new initiative by LSE called the Tag Project, this week's Spotlight Winner, and more. Check out the latest and greatest on this weeks ClubsNews (read online here or TL/DR version).


ClubsNews: Staying In-the-Know

This week's ClubsNews is packed with information about Club Awards and Scholarships, Frostbite 2018, Stress Less Week, Clubs Week, this week's Spotlight Winner, and more (read online here or TL/DR version).


ClubsNews: Funding, Frostbite, and Fun

This week on ClubsNews, read up on Funding, the H2O Water Walk, Frostbite 2018, Posters & Advertising, this week's Spotlight Winner, and more (read online here or TL/DR version).


ClubsNews: Naturally November

Halloween may be over, but your CSO is still feeling spooked about the upcoming winter. Make sure to cozy up and read up on Club Space Bookings, Special Event Funding, the SU Holiday Food Drive, this week's Spotlight Winner, and more. Get in the know and check out this week's ClubsNews (read online here or TL/DR version).


ClubsNews: Club Email Updates and More

This week we updated club @ucalgary emails and did some other stuff! Read up on Important Deadlines (hint: Special Event Funding and Winter Block Bookings), Teaching Excellence Awards, the Undergraduate Research Symposium, this week's Spotlight Winner, and more. Get in the know and check out this week's ClubsNews (read online here or TL/DR version).


ClubsNews: Mellow Time

Autumn is here. Speaking of autumn, you can fall into this week's ClubsNews and read up on Club Insurance, Club Emails, Clubs East Renovations, this week's Spotlight Winner, and more. Get in the know and read up on this week's ClubsNews (read online here or TL/DR version).


ClubsNews: Clubs Week Edition

We hope you’re having tons of fun during the best time of the year, Clubs Week! We've got news on Exec AF, Mandatory Club Requirements, Clubs East Renovations, our first Clubs Spotlight of the year, tons of funding opportunities, and more! Get in the know and read up on this week's ClubsNews (read online here or TL/DR version).


ClubsNews: Happy Orientation Week

Hey clubs, it's Orientation Week! We hope you're having tons of fun prepping for the exciting year ahead, because we sure are! Read up on some updates about Clubs Week, the mandatory ClubHub 101 and/or ClubHub 201, Clubs East Renovations, our new ASO, and more! Details and other fun info in this week's ClubsNews (read online here or TL/DR version).


ClubsNews: When Life Gives You Lemons...

...You read ClubsNews? You definitely don't make lemonade... In either case, summer is almost over which means there's tons of relevant news for September on the horizon! Read up on the mandatory ClubHub 101 and/or ClubHub 201, Clubs Week, Clubs East Renovations, and more! Details and other fun info in this week's ClubsNews (read online here or TL/DR version).

ClubsNews: Ready, Set...

The Clubs Office has been hard at work prepping for September (what, already?!) so that you have the best possible clubs experience. We’re getting the “ready, set…” part out of the way so that you can just “go” and do what your club does best! Details in this week's ClubsNews (read online here or TL/DR version).

Read up on the updated SU Club Funding form, the 2017/18 Clubs Manual, Jr Exec Focus Groups (July 26 and August 16), ClubHub 101 & 201, and more! 


ClubsNews: Summertime is Here Again

Fun fact: It was the first day of summer yesterday on June 21. The blue skies and sunshine are exciting, but do you know what else is amazing? This week's ClubsNews (read online here or TL/DR version)! 

Read up on upcoming improvements to club requirements, important dates, the 2017 Campus Expo, becoming an Orientation Leader, and joining the new Dinos Street Team.

ClubsNews: Hoppin' To It

School is out and we're hopping our way into summer. The Clubs Office loves summer adventures, but we also love to keep you in the know. 

This week's ClubsNews (read online here or TL/DR version) is filled with information on upcoming dates, club lockers, the 2017 Campus Expo, and AlumNIGHT 2017.   

ClubsNews: Now or Never!

They say time flies when you're having fun. Before you take off to enjoy your summer, remember that the Annual Report and Locker Clean-Out Deadline is tomorrow!

But that's not all! This week's ClubsNews (read online here or TL/DR version) is full of exciting opportunities, including info on renovations to the Clubs East (Basement), AlumNIGHT 2017, and SUPER Work.

ClubsNews: The Times They Are A Changin'

We made it! You're almost home-free for summer. Just some finals, club requirements, and snow (wait, snow?!) left to deal with. Remember, Annual Report and Locker Clean-Out deadlines are both April 28!   

This week's ClubsNews has dates, deadlines, details, and an important update that you may want to check out. Read online here (TL/DR version).

Bonus News: Club Award winners are now posted and Banquet pictures are online on ClubHub! Feel free to share and tag @SUUofCClubs (tag us in your pics too!).

ClubsNews: BSD, Surveys, and Annual Reports!

Less than two weeks until BSD and the UCalgary Strong Festival! Both clubs areas are CLOSED all day April 12. Annual Reports are also now online, as is the 2017 Clubs Survey. ClubsNews has all the details: Read online (TL/DR version).

Winners of the 2017 / 17 Club Awards will be announced at the Club Awards Banquet on April 5 and posted online on April 6! Thanks to everyone for their RSVPs - our guest list is now at capacity and an approved RSVP is required for admission.

ClubsNews: Hang in There!

Can you believe BSD is less than a month away? There's still lots to do (and lots of time to do it), and ClubsNews has all of the info you need to get your club on the right track: Read online here (TL/DR version).

Executive Workshops finish up March 23 with President (or VP "Big Cheese" if you prefer) with free food courtesy of ATB Financial

ClubsNews: Election Time!

Welcome back! It's SU Election time again, so remember that all clubs areas are No Campaign Zones and don't forget to vote March 7, 8, & 9!

This week's ClubsNews has awesome events, important updates, and all the news you'll need: Read online here (TL/DR version).

ClubsNews: Stay Sharp!

Reading week is here! The Clubs office is CLOSED February 18-26. No forms, funding, or bookings will be processed until after the break. ClubsNews has all the details: Read online (TL/DR version).

It's also your last chance to apply for Eric Lahoda Memorial SU Clubs Scholarships (due Feb 21) and Club Awards (due Feb 28). 

ClubsNews: Free Food, Friends, and Fun!

Welcome to February! This edition of ClubsNews Read online here (TL/DR version) has a full rundown of the upcoming excellence in store for clubs and execs.

Executive Workshops start February 9 with VP Internal - and free food courtesy of ATB Financial! Also, heads up: The Clubs Office will be closed February 18-26 for Reading Week. 

ClubsNews: Stay in the Know

Thanks for another awesome Clubs Week! From all your awesome club events we've seen coming through ClubHub, we're sure to have a great winter semester. With lots of SU events coming up as well (FrostbiteSex WeekBSD, and more), be sure to stay tuned for the latest and greatest info!

This week's ClubsNews will keep you in the know about all the need-to-know, nice-to-know, and wow-how-did-I-not-know-that-already!: Read online here (TL/DR version).

ClubsNews: Clubs Week 2017!

With classes starting next week, now is the time to plan your club's semester - starting with Clubs Week January 16-19 and Foothills Clubs Day January 12! ClubsNews has all the details: Read online (TL/DR version).

Direct Deposit is now here (it's the future, yay!) for all club reimbursements, but we need your help to make it work. Check out the funding page for details.

ClubsNews: What a Time to be Alive!

Exams are almost over, Clubs Week and Foothills Clubs Day sign-ups open Jan 2, and (wait for it) Direct Deposit for club reimbursements starts in January! 

The clubs office is closed Dec 17 to Jan 2 for winter holidays and mountain adventures. Catch up on everything in the final ClubsNews of 2016: Read online (TL/DR version).



ClubsNews: Awards & Scholarships!

In the immortal words of Donna and Tom: Treat yo self! (Yes, technically it's supposed to be October 13, but who's counting?)

To thank you for being awesome, the SU has multiple opportunities for club awards and scholarships. Reward the hard work you've put in to making your club, community, and campus even more excellent! Check out all of the details in this week's ClubsNews: Read online (TL/DR version).

ClubsNews: Frostbite is Coming...

Do you wanna build a snowman? Check out the November 17 ClubsNews for all the info on Frostbite, Stressless, and All-Exec Workshops: Read online (TL/DR version).

Special Event Funding applications for Winter events are due Friday, November 18th by 4:30pm. Out next newsletter will be dedicated to awards and scholarships, so stay tuned!

MacHall: Back on ClubHub

As of Monday, October 31, the University of Calgary has returned MacHall Table and Courtyard bookings back to the Students' Union. Clubs can once again book any and all spaces in MacHall on ClubHub!

The good news continues with club @ucalgary email upgrades, Special Event Funding deadline extensions, and the chance to win $350 for your club. Check it all out in ClubsNews: Read online (TL/DR version).

MacHall: Under New Management

As of Monday, October 17, at 4:00pm the University of Calgary has assumed control of common spaces in MacHall. Table and Courtyard bookings are now managed by the U of C. Check this announcement for details, or visit the space booking page. Visit for more info on the ownership and management of MacHall and how these changes will affect students and clubs. 

For everything else, including important info for clubs with @ucalgary email addresses, there's ClubsNews: Read online (TL/DR version).

ClubsNews: October!

Now that it's midterm season (what, already?!) and winter is just around the corner (wait, really?!) clubs programming is in full swing. To keep track of it all, there's ClubsNews: Read online (TL/DR version).

Check this edition of ClubsNews for super important info about updates to club "@ucalgary" email addresses and mandatory club insurance deadlines (hint: Oct 14).

Holy Clubs Week, Batman!

With so much action on campus these days, it's hard to keep track of what clubs need to do. Lucky for you, there's ClubsNews: Read online (TL/DR version).

Mandatory ClubHub 101 sessions start Tuesday. Also, we've changed how clubs book spaces in MSC. If you missed out on last week's update, check the FAQ here. Hooray for fewer steps! 

Welcome Back!

Club discount cards are here, Clubs Week is almost fully booked, and ClubHub 101 sessions are ready when you are! Check out the first 2016/17 ClubsNews for all the info you'll ever need: Read online (TL/DR version).

A new way to book rooms is coming... Look for a special announcement next week from the CSO!

September is Coming: Clubs Week, Campus Expo, ClubHub 101...

September is brought to you by the letter C! Check out the August ClubsNews for info on Clubs Week, Campus Expo, ClubHub 101 (which has replaced survival seminars), and more: Read online (TL/DR version).

The Clubs Office will get pretty busy over the next few weeks, so we apologize in advance if our response time increases. Get your insurance, locker, room, pop, and other requests in today!

A Wild New Funding Form Appears!

Funding, you say? Don't mind if I do! Details on deadlines, new ways to request funding, and (spoiler alert) increased Last-Minute $$$ maximums are in the July ClubsNews: Read online (TL/DR version).

It's down to the wire to get your table for Campus Expo. Email today!

Positions is here! Wait, what's Positions?

There's a new feature afoot on ClubHub, and it's here to help. For more info, check out the June ClubsNews update: Read online (TL/DR version).

This wholesome summer supplement also contains info on Campus ExpoClubs WeekFall Funding, and more!

Jr Executive Program

Need new execs to take over after you're gone? Recruit Junior Executives and come to Jr. Exec Workshops! Want to run the show? Learn skills, meet friends, and get involved with your campus community. Register your club today by emailing

Free AV, Congress 2016, and more!

Summer time, and the living's... still interesting! There's plenty going on around the SU, so be sure to check out this month's ClubsNews for all the rad details Read online (TL/DR version).

The clubs office will be closed June 3-6 and June 11-20. 

Club Award Winners Announced!

Congrats to the 2015/16 Club Award winners (now posted online). Pictures will be posted to ClubHub (here) next week! This ClubsNews has important info on CCRAnnual ReportsBSD, and Volunteer OpportunitiesRead online and don't forget the 2016 Clubs Survey!

Club Policy Updates

The Clubs Committee has updated the SU Clubs policies to improve access to services and improve efficiency. While this won't affect anything operationally, there are some important things to be aware of. Click the image (left) for a PDF version of this announcement. 

An updated Clubs Manual and Constitution Writing Guide are also available today. Website updates will follow shortly. Please contact if you have any questions or concerns!



Annual Reports Due April 29

It ain't over 'til it's over... But it's almost over! This ClubsNews has important info on CCRAnnual Reports, Locker and Space Clean-OutS.U.P.E.R. Work, and more. Read online (TL/DR version) for details.

Tentative 2016/17 dates and deadlines have also been set (here) Be sure to tell us how your year went by completing the 2016 Clubs Survey!


Annual Reports & Surveys & Funding, Oh My!

It's everyone's favourite time of year: goggle tan season. Just me? OK. 

Lucky for you, ClubsNews doesn't care about goggle tans. Read online for info about annual reports (mandatory and easier than ever), available funding, help with end-of-year requirements, BSD, and more! 


Congrats to the 74th! Also, News!

Don't forget to "spring forward" into daylight savings this weekend (aka, lose an hour of sleep, boo!). Fortunately, ClubsNews has the answers you need so you can sleep sound: Read online for info about jobs, Dino's, pop music dance parties, and more. A special edition will come out next week with info on Annual Reports and the Club Awards Banquet... Stay tuned!


What Happened to Winter?

So much for tobogganing to work in March... but you never know! Now for another ClubsNews: Read online or download to make the most of your "winter" semester! The last day to nominate your club for a Club Award is March 1, so get on it you awesome individuals! Also, don't forget to vote for your new VPSL (and others) March 1 - 3.

Awards, Scholarships, and Reading Week...

Welcome to February! Now for another ClubsNews: Read online or download for info on Club Award nominations, Scholarship applications, TEA, GE, LDA, and other exciting acronyms! The clubs office will also be closed for reading week, Feb 13-21, so be sure to plan ahead for your funding, space booking, and generally excellent needs over the break.


ClubsNews Jan 21 - Thank You!

Thanks to all the clubs, execs, and volunteers for another great Clubs Showcase! Now for another ClubsNews: Read online or download for info on SU Elections, Surveys, Scholarships, Survival Seminars, Frostbite, and a bonus Foothills Campus Clubs Day on Feb 2! Info within...

Clubs Showcase and More!

Welcome to 2016! Check out the first ClubsNews of the new calendar: Read online or download for info on Clubs Showcase, Club Awards, Scholarships, Jr Exec Workshops, Frostbite, Surveys, Cotton Candy, Popcorn, and more!


We're in the Home Stretch!

This is the last edition of ClubsNews for 2015! Read online or download for info on Clubs Showcase, Club Awards, workshops, winter break, and more!

Important News Imminent...

This edition of the ClubNews is short and sweet (read online or download). Trust me, there's a very good reason for this. There will be an important clubs policy update announcement on Monday, November 9th!

Stay tuned friends!


Autumn is Falling!

Thanks to all 200+ participating clubs for making Clubs Week a huge success! Now that September is in full swing, check out the September 24 Newsletter for all you need to know from SU Clubs!

Also, check out the Club Week Recap blog post on the SU main website!



Trudeau as PM, a Star Wars trailer just released, and the Blue Jays in the post-season? Talk about a throwback... It's business as usual for SU Clubs! With the semester in full swing, this edition of the ClubsNews is full of exciting events and information (read online or download).

Voting, Research, Halloween, and Insurance

Want to know what all 4 of these things have in common? Check out the latest ClubsNews for dates, deadlines, workshop info, and more!

Fun Fact: Mandatory club insurance deadline is Oct 16 @ 4:30pm.


Welcome Back!

The summer went by too fast, didn’t it? Welcome back to another fun-filled year of SU Clubs! With Clubs Week just around the corner, here's some important info about deadlines, new initiatives, and upcoming events in the ClubsNews Sept 10 edition. Available as a PDF or online.


Clubs Week: September 14-18

Show your stuff at the biggest campus club recruitment fair in the west! Read up on Kirsty's 5 reasons why clubs should participate in the Junior Executives program, and sign up when you book your table. Info on booking tables, availability, and rules is available online. Join Kirsty and the Marcus for the Open ClubHouse on the Monday, Thursday, and Friday of Clubs Week. You won't want to miss it!

Summer Update

Find information on Clubs Week, fall room bookings, locker reservations, mandatory clubs insurance and survival seminars, and new programs in the ClubsNews Summer Update. Available as a PDF or online.


Club of the Year: C.A.S.E.

The winners of the 2014/15 Club Awards have been announced! Find out how your club can be nominated for the 2015/16 awards, or check out this year's winners here


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