Clubs Week

Fall 2014 : September 15 - 19
MacEwan Student Centre North and South Courtyards

There are over 300 clubs on campus that bring together people who share similar
passions. Whether you’re into anime or snowboarding, burning up the dance floor
or fighting social injustice, chances are there is a club for you!

Where to find a Club:

Looking for a specific club? Take a look at the diagram linked below.

Interactive Table Diagram

If a club does not have a table, find them on the Clubs List to contact them directly.

If you have questions or have found an error please contact the SU Clubs Office at

Please see the rules here: Clubs Week Rule Sheet


New Club Table #12: For upcoming clubs that have not reached sanctioned status

September 15 - 19 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9am - 11am   U of C Concept Art Club Enova Calgary U of C Concept Art Club Debate Society
11am - 1pm Canadians for Israel Hungarian Club Canadians for Israel Hungarian Club Canadians for Israel
1pm - 3pm U of C Concept Art Club Aquaponics Club Hungarian Club Aquaponics Club Enova Calgary
3pm - 5pm Aquaponics Club Kendama UofC Kendama UofC Kendama UofC Debate Society


Allocated Days:

Find which days each club will be at a table for Clubs Week below.

A+ Arts [A+ Arts]   Tuesday   Thursday  
Accounting Students' Association No Allocation
Act to Inspire No Allocation
Actuarial Society, UofC No Allocation
Afghan Canadian Students' Association [ACSA] Monday Tuesday   Thursday  
Afro Students' Association [ASA] Monday       Friday
AIESEC Calgary [AIESEC] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Alliances in Marketing [AIM]   Tuesday Wednesday    
Alpha Gamma Delta - Delta Nu Chapter [AGD - DN]         Friday
Alpha Kappa Psi [AKPSI] Monday   Wednesday Thursday  
Alpha Omicron Pi [AO(Pi)]     Wednesday   Friday
Amnesty International UofC [AIUC] Monday Tuesday     Friday
Anime Club, The No Allocation
Anxiety & Stress Awareness       Thursday Friday
Art House Union [ARHouse] Monday Tuesday   Thursday  
Assoc. of Korean Canadian Scientist and Engineers Monday   Wednesday Thursday  
Association for the Management of Information and Operations No Allocation
Association of Risk Management and Insurance No Allocation
Azerbaijani Students' Association [AzSA] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Baptist Student Ministries No Allocation
Bear Necessities Calgary No Allocation
Beginner Knitters [KNIT] Monday   Wednesday   Friday
Best Buddies UofC Chapter [Best Buddies]   Tuesday   Thursday Friday
Best Friends Foodever No Allocation
Bhakti Yoga Exchange [BYE]         Friday
Bike Root [Bike Root]         Friday
Biology Students' Association No Allocation
Biomedical Engineering Students' Society No Allocation
Birthday Wishes [Birthday Wishes]       Thursday  
Brainiacs Club [Brainiacs]         Friday
British Club, The [British Club] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Bronies United No Allocation
Bulgarian Association [BGA]   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  
Business Law Association No Allocation
Calgary Against Cancer No Allocation
Calgary Arab Students' Association [CASA]         Friday
Calgary Association of Veterinary Students No Allocation
Calgary Brain Day Club [CBD]         Friday
Calgary Catholic Community [Catholic Community] Monday     Thursday Friday
Calgary Chinese Christian Fellowship [CCCF]   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  
Calgary Chinese Students and Scholars Association         Friday
Calgary Geriatric Interest Group No Allocation
Calgary Healthcare Improvement Network [CHIN] Monday   Wednesday   Friday
Calgary Ismaili Students' Association No Allocation
Calgary Medical Students' Association No Allocation
Calgary Pediatric Interest Group No Allocation
Calgary Saudi Students' Club No Allocation
Calgary SOS [Calgary SOS] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Campus Kiva - Pockets That Care [Campus Kiva]       Thursday Friday
Campus Pro-Life No Allocation
Canada World Youth No Allocation
Canadian Advocates for Freedom and Liberty [CAFL]   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  
Canadian Lawyers Abroad No Allocation
Canadians For Global Care No Allocation
Catholic Christian Outreach No Allocation
CBCF Youth Advisory Council [CBCF - YAC]   Tuesday      
Chacmool Archaeological Association [CHACMOOL]       Thursday  
Chemical and Oil & Gas Engineering Students' Society No Allocation
Chemisty Students' Chapter [CSC]         Friday
Chi Gamma Chapter - Zeta Psi Fraternity [Chi Gamma]   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  
Children's Health Advocates [CHA] Monday Tuesday   Thursday  
Children's Health Interest Group No Allocation
Chinese Music and Literature Club [CMLC]         Friday
Chinese Students' Society [Chinese SS] Monday Tuesday   Thursday  
Christian Students at UofC [CSaUC] Monday Tuesday     Friday
Circle Kiwanis International UofC No Allocation
Civil Engineering Undergraduate Society No Allocation
Classics Students' Society [CSS]   Tuesday Wednesday   Friday
Club for Veterinary Investigative Medicine No Allocation
Club Francais [Club Francais]       Thursday Friday
Commerce Undergraduate Society No Allocation
Community Garden Club, UofC       Thursday  
Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies Student Association No Allocation
Consent Awareness and Sexual Education Club [CASE]   Tuesday Wednesday   Friday
Corean Student Representatives [CORE] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Create to Donate [Create to Donate] Monday   Wednesday   Friday
Debate Society, UofC [UCDS]       Thursday  
Development Students for Change [DSC] Monday   Wednesday Thursday  
Dinos Red Army [Red Army] Monday   Wednesday    
Distress Centre on Campus [DC on Campus] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
EAP Alumni No Allocation
Easy Ace [EZ-A] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Eco Club [Eco Club] Monday     Thursday  
Ecosystem and Public Health Club No Allocation
Education Students' Association No Allocation
Egyptian Students' Club No Allocation
Electrical, Computer, and Software Engineering Students' Society No Allocation
Electronic Music Club, U of C [U of C EDM] Monday   Wednesday   Friday
ELITE Calgary [ELITE Calgary]       Thursday Friday
Empower The City No Allocation
Emulating Nature in Innovations No Allocation
Enactus Calgary [Enactus] Monday        
Energy and Environment Engineering Students' Association No Allocation
Engineering Students' Society No Allocation
Engineers Without Borders [EWB] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Environmental Law Society No Allocation
Environmental Science Students' Association [ESSA]         Friday
European Council No Allocation
Every Nation Campus Ministries No Allocation
Faculty of Arts Student's Association [FASA] Monday   Wednesday   Friday
Fighting Game Club of Calgary [FGCC] Monday   Wednesday Thursday  
Filipino Students' Association [FSA] Monday   Wednesday Thursday  
Film Society, UofC [FilmSoc]   Tuesday Wednesday    
Financial Management Group No Allocation
First Nations Student Association [FNSA] Monday       Friday
Fit 4 Life [F4L] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Flying Doctors of Canada [FDOC: DOT U of C]       Thursday  
Free the Children U of C Chapter No Allocation
Freethinkers, UofC No Allocation
Friendship for Overseas College and Uni. Students   Tuesday   Thursday  
Game Studies Club [GAMES] Monday       Friday
Gay Straight Alliance in Medicine No Allocation
Geeks United [GU] Monday Tuesday     Friday
Geomatics Engineering Students' Society No Allocation
Geophysics Undergraduate Students' Society No Allocation
Get Out The Vote, University of Calgary [GOTV-UofC]   Tuesday   Thursday Friday
Global Brigades Calgary [GBC]   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  
Global Public Health Interest Group No Allocation
GNOSIS, Religious Studies Undergrad Club [GNOSIS]   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  
Guys / Girls Into Guitar Club [GIG Club]   Tuesday   Thursday Friday
Harry Potter Quidditch Club, UofC No Allocation
Heal Congo [HC] Monday     Thursday  
Health and Medicine Club [H&M]         Friday
Health Sciences Students' Association No Allocation
Healthy and Wealthy No Allocation
Heart & Stroke Foundation Students' Association         Friday
Help The Homeless No Allocation
Hillel [Hillel] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Hip Hop and Funk Styles Club [HHFS] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
History Students' Association [HSA] Monday Tuesday   Thursday  
Homeless Foundation, UofC [UCHF] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Hong Kong Students' Association [HKSA] Monday     Thursday  
Hope 2 Opportunity [H2O] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Human Resources Students' Association No Allocation
IEEE Student Branch No Allocation
iGEM Calgary [iGEM]   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  
Improv Club, UofC [UCIC]   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  
InformU [IU] Monday   Wednesday Thursday  
Institute of Transportation Engineers Student Chapter, UofC No Allocation
Internal Medicine Interest Group No Allocation
International Business and Affairs Student Association No Allocation
International Business Students' Association No Allocation
International Relations Club [IRC] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Inter-varsity Christian Fellowship [IVCF]   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  
Iranian Students' Association No Allocation
ISEEESA Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Japanese Conversation and Culture Club [JCCC]     Wednesday    
Japanese Students Association [JSA]       Thursday Friday
Jesus Church No Allocation
Journalists for Human Rights [JHR]   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  
Kappa Sigma Fraternity [Kappa Sigma] Monday Tuesday   Thursday  
Kids Can Club [KCC]         Friday
Kids Help Phone Campus Club [KHPCC] Monday     Thursday Friday
Kin Campus Club of Calgary No Allocation
Kinesiology Student Society No Allocation
Korean Campus Ministry No Allocation
Kula Ring [Kula Ring]         Friday
Latin America Students' Association No Allocation
Latter-Day Saints Students' Association [LDSSA]       Thursday  
LEAF UCalgary No Allocation
Lean In University of Calgary No Allocation
Lending Our Volunteers Everywhere [LOVE]       Thursday Friday
Liberals, University of Calgary [Liberals] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Light Up the World! UofC [LUTW! UofC]     Wednesday Thursday Friday
LINKages [LINKages - UofC] Monday Tuesday   Thursday  
Live Red [LR]     Wednesday Thursday Friday
Liver Health Education Promotion Association [HEPA]       Thursday Friday
Love in Action No Allocation
Magic the Club [MtC] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Mahjong Club [MJC] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Make-A-Wish: University of Calgary         Friday
Marine Conservation Club [MCC]         Friday
Mechanical Engineering Students' Society No Allocation
Medical Advocacy Club No Allocation
Mental Awareness [Mental Awareness] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Midnight Riders No Allocation
Model United Nations Team, UofC [UCMUNT] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Music Undergraduate Society [MUS] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Muslim Students' Association [MSA]   Tuesday   Thursday Friday
Muslims for Southern Alberta Initiating Change No Allocation
Natural Sciences Students' Association [NSSA]   Tuesday   Thursday Friday
Navigators, UofC [Navigators]         Friday
ND Theatre [ND]         Friday
Nepali Students' Association No Allocation
Neuroscience Students' Association No Allocation
NoD Magazine [NoD]   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  
Not for Sale-University of Calgary [NFS-UofC] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Omni [Omni] Monday Tuesday   Thursday  
ONE International [ONE] Monday   Wednesday Thursday  
Open Learning Systems No Allocation
Open Source and Linux Club No Allocation
Origami-Aid [ORI-AID] Monday   Wednesday   Friday
Orthodox Christian Fellowship [OCF]       Thursday  
Outdoor Adventurers, UofC [UCOA]     Wednesday Thursday Friday
Oxfam Calgary [Oxfam U of C] Monday Tuesday     Friday
Pakistani Students' Society [PSS]         Friday
Palliser Club No Allocation
Panhellenic Association, UofC [Panhellenic UofC] Monday Tuesday   Thursday  
Passion 4 Play [P4P]   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  
PAWS No Allocation
Peer Listening & Wellness Group No Allocation
Persian Gulf Club No Allocation
Petroleum and Energy Society [PES]   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  
Petroleum Landman Undergraduate Society No Allocation
Phi Gamma Delta [FIJI] Monday Tuesday     Friday
Philosophia: University of Calgary Undergraduate Philosophy Club No Allocation
Physics and Astronomy Students' Association No Allocation
Pivot Undergraduate Dancers' Society No Allocation
Plan Canada, UofC [UCPLAN] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Polish Students' Club [PSC]     Wednesday Thursday Friday
Political Science Association [PSA] Monday Tuesday     Friday
Power to Change [P2C]       Thursday Friday
Pre-Optometry Students' Association [POSA]   Tuesday   Thursday Friday
Pre-Veterinary Students' Association [PVSA] Monday   Wednesday   Friday
Problem Solving Club [PSC]   Tuesday     Friday
Progressive Conservative Association [UCPCA] Monday   Wednesday Thursday  
Project90 [Project90]   Tuesday   Thursday Friday
Psychology Undergraduate Students' Assoc. [PSYCHS]         Friday
Queers on Campus [QC] Monday Tuesday      
Rare Genomics Institute [RGI UCalgary]       Thursday Friday
Real Estate Student Club No Allocation
Recording Club No Allocation
Red Cross Club, UofC [UC Red Cross]       Thursday Friday
Reserved for Students' Union Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Right to Learn [R2L] Monday   Wednesday   Friday
Right to Play No Allocation
Romanian Students' Association [Romanian SA]   Tuesday Wednesday    
Roots & Shoots UofC Group No Allocation
Rotaract [Rotaract]         Friday
Rowing Club, UofC [UCRC]     Wednesday Thursday Friday
Rundle Group of Geology No Allocation
Russian Speaking Student Association [RuSSA] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Save An Innocent Life No Allocation
Save the Children [STC] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Scene & Heard [S&H] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Schulich AeroDesign [SAED]         Friday
Schulich Soundstage No Allocation
Science Students' Society [S^3]         Friday
Scribe and Muse English Club, The [SMEC] Monday   Wednesday   Friday
Seniors' Connect No Allocation
Sikh Students Association [SSA]         Friday
Simple Truth No Allocation
Ski Club, UofC [Ski Club]         Friday
Smash Bros University [SBU] Monday Tuesday     Friday
Social Work Students' Association No Allocation
Society of Calgary Undergraduate Mathematics No Allocation
Society of Undergraduates in Economics [SUE]   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  
Society of Young Researchers, UofC [UCSYR]       Thursday Friday
Sociology Students' Association [SSA]       Thursday Friday
Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights [SPHR] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Speakmasters No Allocation
Spread the Love [Spread the Love]     Wednesday    
Step Forward [Step Forward] Monday Tuesday   Thursday  
Strategic Management Association [SMA] Monday Tuesday      
Student Dance Club [SDC]     Wednesday    
Student Rhythms No Allocation
Student Run Clinic No Allocation
Student Veterinary Emergency & Critical Care Society No Allocation
Students For a Free Tibet [SFT]         Friday
Students for Health Innovation & Education No Allocation
Students in Communications [SIC] Monday     Thursday Friday
Students Interested in Medical Sciences [SIMS] Monday     Thursday  
Students of the Arts and Sciences Honours Academy No Allocation
Swing Dance Club, UofC [UofC Swing] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Table Top Gaming Club No Allocation
Team Zeus [ZEUS]   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  
Tech., Engg. and Science Leadership Activities [TESLA]   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  
Tennis, Racquetball, and Squash Club [TRSC] Monday   Wednesday   Friday
Thaqalayn Muslim Association No Allocation
The Arthritis Club [TAC] Monday   Wednesday   Friday
The Event Club No Allocation
The Grace Project No Allocation
The Mustard Seed, U of C [Mustard Seed]       Thursday  
The Production Animal Health Club No Allocation
The Shenanigans Club No Allocation
The U OF C Serbian Club [Serb Club]       Thursday Friday
Tourism and Hospitality Undergraduate Society No Allocation
Translation Association, UofC [UCTA] Monday   Wednesday Thursday  
Trumpet Studies Society No Allocation
U of C - Shad Valley Alumni Organization No Allocation
U of C Badminton Club [UCBC] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
UC Cheer [UCC]       Thursday  
UC Idol No Allocation
UCalgary Greens [UCG] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
UCVM Equine Club No Allocation
UCVM Pathology Club No Allocation
Ukrainian Students' Society [USS] Monday   Wednesday   Friday
Undergraduate Law and Society Association [ULSA] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
Undergraduate Nursing Society No Allocation
UNICEF on Campus [UNICEF] Monday Tuesday Wednesday    
University of Calgary Airsoft Club [UCAC] Monday Tuesday   Thursday  
University of Calgary Arts Attack Club [Arts Attack]         Friday
University of Calgary Campus Conservative Assoc.         Friday
University of Calgary Cardiology Association No Allocation
University of Calgary Change for Change [CCUC]       Thursday Friday
University of Calgary Civil Liberties Assoc. [UofCCLA]         Friday
University of Calgary Dental Society [UCDS]       Thursday Friday
University of Calgary Firearms Association [UCFA] Monday   Wednesday   Friday
University of Calgary Interfaith Club No Allocation
University of Calgary Lacrosse Club No Allocation
University of Calgary Live No Allocation
University of Calgary Longboarding CLub [UCLC]         Friday
University of Calgary Social Club [UCSC] Monday Tuesday     Friday
University of Calgary Sports and Entertainment Law Society No Allocation
Urban Calgary Students' Association [Urban CSA]   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  
Vegetarian and Vegan Club No Allocation
Verbatim, the Undergraduate Linguistics Club         Friday
VIDA UofC [VIDA]   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  
Vietnamese Students' Association [VSA] Monday   Wednesday Thursday  
Waves of Change: Mercy Ships Campus Network No Allocation
Western Animation Club [WAC] Monday Tuesday   Thursday  
Wild Society [WS]   Tuesday   Thursday Friday
Wildrose on Campus [WROC-UofC]   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  
Women in Leadership [WIL]   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  
Women in Science and Engineering No Allocation
Women's Ahmadiyya Muslim Students' Association No Allocation
Women's Studies and Feminist Club [WSF]     Wednesday Thursday Friday
Work To Make Change No Allocation
World University Service of Canada [WUSC]       Thursday Friday
World Wildlife Fund Calgary [WWF-Calgary] Monday Tuesday   Thursday  
Wushu Club [Wushu] Monday   Wednesday Thursday  
Yemeni Students' Club No Allocation

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