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Club Conduct Procedure

Appendix B defines discrimination and harassment and sets expectations for respectful, diverse, and safe spaces. All students are bound by the University’s Conduct policies. Neither the SU nor club executives can interpret or enforce university policies, but by working together we can address any concerns brought to us by club members by directing them to the right resources to help resolve conduct concerns.

If you are being harassed, sexually harassed, or discriminated against, talk to a club executive or the CSO. If a club member tells you about an incident involving another member or at a club event, it is your responsibility to let a club executive know. Executives must inform the CSO if a club member reports misconduct. In either case, take appropriate action immediately to resolve the issue and prevent it from escalating by following these recommendations:

  • Keep a record of the misconduct and anyone who may have witnessed it. Write down details.
  • If you feel comfortable doing so, communicate your concerns to the offending party. Tell them the behaviour is unwelcome and ask that it stop. This can be done in person or in writing, but it doesn’t have to be your first step.  If possible, save copies of any communication you send or receive related to the concern.
  • Contact the Coordinator, Student Organizations ( or 403-220-2233). They will help direct you to the appropriate resource.
  • Clubs should not mediate or adjudicate conflict on their own. Alleged student misconduct (including violations of the Student Non-Academic Misconduct Policy, Sexual Violence Policy, or Harassment Policy) should always be referred to the Student Conduct Office via the CSO for resolution.
  • The CSO may recommend contacting on-campus resources, including:

It is the club executive’s responsibility to ensure that all club members (student and non-student) are aware of the University of Calgary Sexual Violence, Harassment, and Student Non-Academic Misconduct Policies. If, at any point, a member is the subject of an investigation related to a complaint under one of these policies, the Student Conduct Office may recommend that their attendance at club meetings or events may be restricted until the matter is resolved.

A PDF version of the Clubs Manual is also available to download or view online.


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