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Welcome to SU Clubs!

The Students' Union (SU) believes that student organizations provide undergraduate students at the University of Calgary unique opportunities to engage with their community, their school, and each other. Personal, social, and cultural development results from increased student engagement and involvement in autonomous organizations, and the SU offers many services in support of student groups.

In order to facilitate clubs' success, the Coordinator of Student Organizations (CSO), Tanya Bondareva, handles daily club administration and coordinates SU Clubs projects and initiatives. The CSO also works with the Clubs Committee to develop programs, services, and SU resources in accordance with the SU's strategic vision. Having been a club executive herself, the CSO is a resource for clubs to develop and grow and is always available to help out in any way she can! Contact her here or email

So what are you waiting for? Find a club to join on our clubs list, or start your own!

What are SU Clubs?

Registered Student Organizations

Student organizations, or "clubs," that register with the Students' Union are third party organizations, autonomous in their operation, that agree to abide by policies and practices in order to receive recognition, status, funding, services, and support from the SU. These groups are made up of mostly undergraduate students who attend the U of C and may also be recognized by other organizations, including national or international chapters, U of C faculties or departments, or other sanctioning bodies.

The views and activities of any registered Student Organization shall not necessarily represent the views of the SU or current Elected or Appointed Officials, but we'll do our best to support and facilitate activities that contribute to positive student experiences at the U of C and in our community.

The Students' Union

The Students’ Union (SU) is a registered not-for-profit organization under the Post Secondary Learning Act, and is governed by your elected student government. Along with a full-time team of dedicated administrative support staff, we are committed to providing valuable and relevant programs and services that can enhance students' experiences at the University of Calgary.

The SU values the role that clubs play in enriching student life on campus. Clubs represent the tremendous cultural, social, and intellectual diversity at the University of Calgary and play a vital role in creating and fostering a sense of community and belonging for students.

For more information on the Students' Union and for more opportunities to get involved, visit:

The Clubs Committee

The SU Clubs Committee is appointed by and made up of members of the democratically-elected Students' Legislative Council (SLC) that is responsible for providing, promoting, and administering services and programs for clubs.

The Clubs Committee is chaired by the Vice President of Student Life and is made up of six elected officials. Their main areas of responsibility include:

  • Processing and allocating major funding for clubs (including Charity Grants, Club Awards, Scholarships, and Special Events Funding);
  • Enforcing SU bylaw and, when necessary, mediating issues between clubs, and;
  • Creating and updating the club system's policies and procedures.

Most importantly, the Club Committee is the voice of clubs within the SU. If you have any concerns about how clubs are administered or issues pertaining to club activities, Club Committee members are the people you can turn to for change.

More information on the SLC and committees can be found on the SU Website.


Where can I find SU Clubs?

Joining A Club

With over 300 clubs, #TheresAClubForThat! Find your new favourite club in the Clubs List and contact them directly via email to sign up today.

Want to meet a club in person? Check out Clubs Week in September and January, both in MacHall North Courtyard!

UofC Campus Map

Find us in MacEwan Student Centre (MSC) at the University of Calgary Main Campus by checking out the interactive Campus Map or click below to expand the static map:

SU Club House (West Clubs Area)

Located on the second floor of the MacEwan Student Centre, above the bookstore and across from the Campus Ticket Centre, the west clubs' area has been recently renovated!

This area houses 6 new Club Workrooms, a large meeting room, lounge space, and expanded club storage space.

The CSO's office (MSC 279B) is also located here.

SU Clubs Areas are no-campaign zones. No SU Elections planning, preparation, or campaigning in these areas!

SU Club Basement (East Clubs Area)

Located on the first floor of the MacEwan Student Centre, behind and under the stairwell near Jugo Juice.
This area houses a bookable boardroom, lounge space, and club lockers.

The boardroom can be reserved through the MCEC Room Booking Form. It is shared with the SU Volunteer Tax Program, and is occupied most of the Winter semester.

SU Clubs Areas are no-campaign zones. No SU Elections planning, preparation, or campaigning in these areas!

Clubs Area Hours

Monday - Friday 8:30am - 10:00pm
Saturday & Sunday 11:00am - 5:00pm

The CSO's office (MSC 279B) hours are 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday. The Clubs office is closed weekends & stat holidays.

Contact the CSO

Phone: (403) 220-2233


Office: 279B MacEwan Student Centre (MSC)

Address: 2500 University Dr. NW, Calgary, AB, T2N 1N4

Fax: (403) 284-1653

The CSO's office (MSC 279B) hours are 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Monday - Friday. The Clubs office is closed weekends & stat holidays.

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What are the benefits of being an SU Club?

Details about all of the following topics can be found in the Clubs Manual.

Legitimacy, Advocacy, and Staff Support

Not only does your SU provide funding, services, and creative initiatives for SU Clubs, a dedicated full time staff member is available as a resource to help student groups succeed. Club feedback to the Clubs Committee informs strategic resource development, and the SU provides opportunities to promote causes, club initiatives, and engaging student-run events. SU recognition opens many doors for advocacy and awareness, along with opportunities to engage with community leaders and other interested students.

Clubs Week

With over 300 clubs on campus, it's easy to find your niche and get involved. Join us in the MacEwan Student Centre North & South Courtyards in September and January for our biannual gathering of student organizations! Clubs may register for tables on ClubHub in August and December for these events. Click here for more info!

Club Space and Storage

There are two Clubs Areas in MacEwan Student Centre for club members and executives. These spaces house bookable workrooms, study spaces, and 152 lockers of various sizes just for clubs. Designate storage areas for tri-folds and displays is also provided in the recently renovated West Clubs Area.

Club lockers may be booked in August on ClubHub for Fall and Winter Semesters and must be renewed annually. No storage is provided between May and September. For information on how to open the locks, or how to obtain a student locker in other areas of the university, please visit the SU Locker Webpage. Please note that the club locker agreement is different than the students locker agreement.

Room, Space, and Table Bookings

Clubs are eligible to book two free, 4-hour room bookings per week in the MacEwan Student Centre (MSC) for meetings or club events. Clubs are also eligible for ten free table bookings in MSC per semester, two free 8-hour bookings per month in That Empty Space, and two free 8-hour bookings per semester in the South Courtyard. Discounts are also available for catering, special events space bookings, and equipment rentals. Rooms that are available for clubs to book are indicated in red on the clubs area maps above.

Bookings made outside of MSC (the rest of the University, including green spaces) are managed by the UofC's Conference and Events Management. Clubs receive a limited number of free classroom and table bookings per semester and discounts on equipment.

Some restrictions apply, see the Clubs Manual for full details. Event approval and two weeks' notice is required for all bookings.

Insurance and Risk Management

Did you know that YOU could be liable for any incident that happens at one of your club events if you don't have insurance? Many bars and banquet halls will no longer allow clubs to host events in their venues without liability insurance.

By registering your club with the SU and completing the annual Insurance Fee Form, you are covered under our insurance policy for all approved events. ALL EVENTS must be approved on ClubHub. Waivers will be provided for events involving risk or travel.


Clubs have access to several different types of funding through the SU. All SU funding is by reimbursement (cheque) only for valid documented expenses. Specific information can be found in the SU Clubs Manual.

Start-up Funding

Clubs are eligible to receive up to $100.00 to cover start-up expenses for things like membership cards, stationery, and other supplies for your office that you may need. This funding is only available within the first year your club is registered.

Food and Beverage Funding

Clubs are eligible for a maximum of $150.00 per year in funding for food and non-alcoholic beverages.

Special Event Funding

Do you plan on organizing a big public event like a conference or performance? Club events that develop and enhance the student experience are eligible to be pre-approved for up to $1,000.00 in funding. There are specific deadlines for this funding so plan ahead!

Charity Grants

This grant is intended to help clubs host projects in the MacEwan Student Centre that will raise money for a registered charity.

This grant does not come in the form of monetary compensation. Instead, the SU may provide the club with available space in MacEwan Student Centre at an extra discount (up to 100%). The SU may also provide additional discounts on equipment (such as basic sound and staging equipment). Clubs qualify for this grant if they are able to raise more than 75% of the waived fees and all proceeds from the event go to charity.

ClubHub Access, Mailboxes, and UCalgary Email Address

By registering your club with the SU, you can access all the resources and support offered through use of ClubHub. See the help page for more details. Events can be shared to social media and promoted on-campus using SU resources.

Clubs are eligible to apply for one email address. Although this is not mandatory, some clubs find that an official University email address adds legitimacy to their group identity and facilitates professional development opportunities that standard email addresses would not. Club mail is also collected by the CSO and held for pick-up at the Clubs Office.

Discounts and Freebies

Hosting an event in That Empty Space? Rent a popcorn machine to entice your guests! Up to 48 cans of free pop is also available from the Clubs Office per semester. A minimum of 10 business days' notice is required for these requests.

SU Club Card holders receive 10% off at the Stor and Bound & Copied, as well as a 15% discount at the Den & Black Lounge on Tuesdays after 5pm.

Some restrictions apply, see the SU Clubs Manual for details.

Club Awards and Banquet

The SU is proud to recognize excellence among clubs and club members for their outstanding contributions to the quality of student life on campus. Clubs may be nominated in 14 different categories by anyone, and individual club members may apply for one of 10 Eric Lahoda Memorial SU Clubs Scholarships. These awards are presented at the Annual Club Awards Banquet in April. A full description and previous winners can be found here.


ATB Financial

Clubs Area Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 10:00pm
Sat / Sun: 11:00am - 5:00pm
Closed stat/school holidays

Contact the CSO

Office: MSC 279B
Phone: (403) 220-2233
Office Hours:
 Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 4:30pm
 Closed Weekends & Stat Holidays

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