The SU recognizes that clubs enhance and develop student life, and we're proud to offer the opportunity for clubs to request funding for both small and large events. 

General Guidelines

The Student Organizations Funding and Services Procedure details the criteria established by the Clubs Committee for the distribution of funding. General rules include:

  • All SU funding is reimbursement only.
  • Clubs Committee may pre-approve Special Event / Last Minute Funding based on criteria found in the Clubs Manual.
  • Pre-approval of Special Event / Last Minute Funding does not guarantee reimbursement. Valid receipts are required with a Post Evaluation reimbursement request within 30 days of your event.
  • Maximum one (1) Special Event / Last Minute Funding request will be considered for collaborative events.
  • Any event with a surplus or profit will not be funded, including fundraisers.
  • All funding is limited to 75% of total budgeted expenses or the net budget deficit (SEF/LM only) up to the maximum amount, whichever is less.
  • Reimbursement of all funding is based on the submission of valid receipts.
  • See the Clubs Manual for complete rules.

Club Bank Accounts

It's a good idea to have a "club" account for a few reasons:

  • The SU will only issue a reimbursement in the name of your club
  • Transferring business accounts is easier than personal accounts
  • Using your personal account would mean club deposits count as taxable income

To obtain a "community" (from ATB Financial in MacHall) or "not-for-profit" bank account with little to no fees:

  • Contact the CSO to have a bank letter produced
  • Specify the names and positions of a minimum of two signing authorities (club execs)
  • Take this letter to the bank or credit union of the club’s choice to open an account. The SU recommends ATB Financial for all club accounts.
  • Be sure to use the University's street address for your club: 2500 University Dr. NW, T2N 1N4

Changes to bank account co-signing authorities may also require a letter from the CSO, depending on the institution.

New for 2017: Direct Deposit

All club funding is reimbursement only. Previously, cheques were issued directly to the club. Now, Direct Deposit is now set up for all club funding reimbursements. What does that mean for you?

  1. No more picking up cheques to deposit.
  2. When requesting reimbursement, you will be asked to include a void cheque from your club’s bank account clearly showing branch number, transit number, account number, and club name. Note that bank statements or deposit letters from your bank will only work if all of this information is present (ATB statements have this info).
  3. Keep that void cheque (or an image of it) for all future funding requests!

Club funding reimbursements will be processed every two weeks. Questions? Email the CSO or drop by the Clubs Office!

What's Available?

The Clubs Budget is determined by the VP Student Life and the CSO at the beginning of the Clubs Year. It is ratified by the Students' Legislative Council and the Operations and Finance Committee. All requests for funding are subject to availability within the limits of this budget.

New for 2016/17: All club funding is now requested through one form on ClubHub.

Start-Up Funding

This funding helps new clubs to get established in their first year and may be used for the purchase of stationary, membership cards, tri-folds, and other office supplies. This one-time allocation of up to $100.00 must be applied for within the first year of registration with the SU. 

To obtain this funding:

  • Select Start-Up funding on the Funding Request form on ClubHub
  • Include all receipts documenting start-up expenses
  • The CSO will evaluate the application and reimburse up to 75% of the total, up to a maximum of $100.00
  • Clubs that have re-applied for registered status are not eligible for start-up funding

Food or drink purchases will not be reimbursed under start-up funding. 

Food and Drink Funding

Clubs may request up to $150.00 for food and non-alcoholic beverages per club year (May 1 to April 30). This does not include gift cards / certificates. Reimbursements will only be issued for SU approved Club events.

To obtain this funding:

  • Select Food & Drink funding on the Funding Request form on ClubHub
  • Include all receipts documenting food and beverage expenses
  • The CSO will evaluate the application and reimburse up to 75% of the total, up to a maximum of $150.00
  • Apply as many times as necessary until the $150.00 annual maximum is reached!

To ensure your funding request is processed, try to submit these requests as soon as you hold your events. Requests made after April may not be approved - all requests are based on funding availability!

Special Event Funding

Special Event Funding is given to clubs to help finance club events that develop and enhance student life. Clubs are eligible for a maximum of $1,000.00 per event. Pre-approval from Clubs Committee is required for this funding!

To obtain this funding:

  • Select Special Event funding on the Funding Request form on ClubHub
  • Include a tentative Special Event Funding Budget Sheet and a recent bank statement
  • New for 2016/17: Clubs may choose to include an "alternate" budget (showing a bare minimum of expenses) for Clubs Committee's consideration
  • Clubs are eligible to be pre-approved for up to 75% of total budgeted expenses or the net budget deficit, whichever is less
    • Up to $1,000.00 
    • Events that make a profit (including fundraisers) cannot be funded

Applications will be scored by Clubs Committee based on:

  • Impact to Students, originality of event, and quality of application (50%)
  • Validity of Expenses (25%)
  • Alternative Funding Plans / Level of Financial Need (25%)

Eligible expenses:

  • Food and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Advertising and Promotions
  • Costs associated with the production of the event

Ineligible expenses:

  • Alcohol
  • Airplane tickets
  • Gifts, Prizes, or Honorariums (including guest speaker accommodations)

Impact to students should consider the criteria listed on the Student Organizations Funding and Services Procedure, specifically article 7(1). Validity of expenses is further explained in article 7(4). Remember, quality of funding applications is important! The CSO is available to help with funding applications, or use the online workshop notes.

All applications must be submitted by 4:30 pm on the respective deadline:

Event Dates Application Deadline
July 1 - August 31 Second Friday in May
September 1 - January 15 Second Friday in August
January 16 - June 30 Second Friday in November

Clubs will not receive any money prior to their event. Special Event Post-Evaluation Forms with valid receipts must be submitted within 30 days of your event in order to receive funding reimbursement up to the pre-approved amount.

Special Event Last-Minute Funding

If a club misses any of the above deadlines, last-minute funding is available. To obtain this funding:

  • Select Last-Minute funding on the Funding Request form on ClubHub
  • Follow the same process and criteria as Special Event funding (above)
  • New for 2016/17: Additional last-minute funding deadlines have been added:
Maximum Eligible Application Cutoff
$400.00 Wednesday at 4:30 pm at least 20 business days prior to event
$200.00 Wednesday at 4:30 pm at least 10 business days prior to event

These deadlines will be strictly applied to all last-minute applications. If you are unsure how much your application is eligible to receive, contact the CSO.

Clubs are eligible to receive up to 75% of budgeted expenses or total deficit (whichever is lower), up to $400.00 (with 20 business days' notice) or $200 (with 10 business days' notice) through this type of funding. 


To receive any special event funding, a club that has received pre-approval must submit a Special Event Post Evaluation within 30 days after the event has taken place. If the event date changes after you've received pre-approval, email the CSO.

  • Clubs that miss this 30-day deadline are not eligible to receive any of their pre-approved funding
  • All receipts along with a complete matching budget must be included
  • Only valid pre-approved expenses will be reimbursed, up to the total pre-approved amount
  • Receipts can only be reimbursed once and may not be submitted for multiple forms of funding
  • Any events with a surplus or profit will not be funded, including fundraisers
  • All funding is subject to availability of funds

Once the CSO approves your post-evaluation, your club will have 30 days to pick up and deposit their reimbursement cheque.

Other Opportunities

SU Club status is recognized by many offices on campus who offer various discounts and spaces for free or discounted rates. SU Clubs also enjoy exclusive offers in MacEwan Student Centre and other resources on campus.

Charity Space Grant

This non-monetary grant is intended to help clubs host projects in MacEwan Student Centre that will raise money for a registered charity. General guidelines:

  • The Clubs Committee may provide clubs with available space and standard equipment owned by the SU in MCEC at an extra discount (up to 100%). Labor, tax, gratuity, SOCAN, Re:Sound, and other fees apply.
  • There are a limited number of charity grants available each year
  • This grant cannot be used in conjunction with any other SU funding, such as Special Event Funding

Club event are eligible for this space grant if:

  • The event raises more than 75% of the waived space fees
  • All event proceeds go to a registered charity
  • The application is received a minimum of 6 weeks prior to the event. Late applications will not be accepted nor approved under any circumstances
  • The event is to be held in a Special Events Space: the MSC North Courtyard, MacEwan Ballroom, or MacEwan Hall

To obtain this grant:

  • Fill out an MSC Space Booking Request for a qualifying space
  • Select "Yes" under the Charity Grant Section where you will be prompted to provide details about your event and evidence that it qualifies for this grant
  • An event planner at the MacEwan Conference and Events Centre will contact and work with your club to determine what supplies and space you require for the event. Some spaces may require a deposit
  • The club will be invited to Club Committee to speak about their application. If approved, the CSO will send a letter to the MacEwan Conference and Events Centre to confirm the Charity Space Grant status

Discounts, Rentals, Programs, and Freebies

Registered Student Organizations have access to innumerable services on campus. Most of these services can be requested on ClubHub under the “forms” tab in your club’s portal. Here are a few examples:

Free Pop / Water!

Every club may request up to 48 cans of pop or bottles of water per semester for registered club events. Rules:

  • 10 business days' notice is required, no exceptions, using this ClubHub form, no exceptions
  • All requests based on availability, selection may vary at time of pick-up

Popcorn Machine

Renting That Empty Space for a movie? Make your own snacks in-house! Rules:

  • 10 business days' notice is required, no exceptions, using this ClubHub form, no exceptions
  • $25.00 rental (non-refundable) + $25.00 cleaning deposit (refundable if machine is cleaned)
  • Includes 3 free packages of popcorn kernels (approx. 30 bags of popcorn), additional bags $3.00 each

Club Discounts

Make sure you get your club cards from the CSO in September. SU Club Card holders are entitled to:

  • Stör – 10% off all products (except newspapers, phone and gift cards, ski passes, 2-for-1 candy promotions and all Calgary Transit products)
  • Bound & Copied – 10% off black and white photocopying and faxing (exclusions apply)
  • Den & Black Lounge – Tuesday after 5pm is Clubs Night; club members receive a 15% discount

Club discounts are for SU Club Card holders only and are not transferable. SU Sanctioned Clubs may distribute Clubs Cards, available in the SU Clubs Office, to members. Cards expire annually on April 15.

Email: Office 365

Clubs may request one email address using this ClubHub form. Other alternatives exist, but some find that this email address adds legitimacy and facilitates professional development opportunities.

Note: UCalgary emails are currently being upgraded! If you can't access your club's account, please email the CSO.

The Loop

Clubs receive free promo on The Loop screens in MSC! Rules and request forms available on ClubHub.

Student Medical Response Team

Made possible by collaboration between the SU Wellness Centre, Campus Security, and SU Quality Money, this 100% student volunteer run and organized team of first responders, paramedics, firefighters, lifeguards, nursing students, and medical students is available to provide services at SU Club and community events that might require a medical team on standby. See or email

SU Travel and Conference

Although not specifically for clubs, the SU’s Travel and Conference Funding is intended to help undergraduate students cover the cost of attending conferences and other off-campus events.

LSE Student Activities Fund

Although not specifically for clubs, the Leadership and Student Engagement Office (U of C) offers financial support to student initiatives that promote student engagement. This fund is intended to allow students to participate in experiences that enhance leadership, educational, and professional development goals.

SU Sustainability Fund

Although not specifically for clubs, Sustainability Fund grants are intended for on-campus projects that work on inspiring, creative, and impactful environmental projects at the U of C.

Over  $45,675 has been awarded to date through the Sustainability Fund. Visit the SU's Sustainability Fund Projects page to learn more about these current and past initiatives.

A PDF version of the Clubs Manual is also available to download or view online.


ATB Financial

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