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ClubHub Portal Access: Help!

If you need ClubHub access or Admin privileges for your club's portal, follow the guide below. If you're receiving a message that your club's portal has been disabled, please contact the CSO

For general answers about SU Clubs, check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

What is ClubHub?

Every club registered with the SU has their own portal on ClubHub. All club events are posted here. Clubs may submit requests for funding, spaces, or resources using specific forms in this portal. This is also where mandatory requirements for registration are completed.

Club executives should have admin access to their group’s portal. You can join any club's portal as a general member as long as you have a ClubHub account!

Creating an Account

Click on the Sign In / Sign Up link above to get to the following page and fill out the info under Get Signed Up:

Remember to register with your personal email address NOT a club email address. Don't worry, this information won't be made public. Only general club email addresses are available as public contact information.

Joining your Club's Portal

After you've created an account, you'll be taken to the SU Clubs Home Page. Click "Browse Organizations" and use the search tool to find your club. You can also check out other club's portals and events with this feature!

Clubs can customize their "join options" but for most you will have to request to join, then be approved by the club's administrators. Admins may also invite registered users to their club portal. 

Once you're a member, find your club's portal under the "My Memberships" tab (top right) after you've logged in to ClubHub.

Giving Admin Access to Other Executives

As a portal administrator, you can approve join requests or invite execs and members to your ClubHub portal using the "People" tab.

All of your executives should have Admin access to your ClubHub portal. Select the person you wish to promote, then click "manage" on their profile and add them to the Executives (Admin) group. Portal admins automatically have full access to files, forms, events, and more. If it just says "members," they do not have admin access. 

You may create other groups with specific permissions, or use the "permissions" tab to allow individuals access to specific aspects of the portal. Ask the CSO or check out the OrgSync Portal Admin Help Page for more detailed info.

Positions (MacHall Designated Bookers)

A new feature has emerged on ClubHub. We now use Positions to designate MCEC space bookers and lots of other positions. You'll be able to update all positions when you update your club's portal or complete your annual report.

New for 2017: We've added a bunch of new roles. Anyone that you add will automatically be a portal admin (except "Advisor" & "Jr Exec") without having to do forms. President and Designated Booker (max 2) must still complete forms as outlined below.

To add a position go to your club's portal. If you're already a portal admin (see above) you should see the positions tools in the top right corner:

Next, click fill a position to add someone to that role:

Finally, select the position, select the person's name (or your name!), and add a start and end date. If a person's name doesn't show up in the dropdown, type in their email address:

The person you nominate will receive an email which will ask you to complete an agreement just like the old designated booker form. Can't find a form that was sent to you? Log in to ClubHub and go to the Activity page of your profile (or click here) to find pending requests. 

Be sure to click finish once the form is done so that the CSO can approve your new position (click to enlarge):


Note that these positions are publicly visible to your club members. To hide your email address, go to your settings and check hide my email address. Clubs can only have a maximum of two designated bookers. If you have co-presidents, just add two president positions! More positions will be added shortly based on club feedback. 


Completing your 2017/18 Annual Report


Annual Reports are due April 30, 2018. Information from your club's 2016/17 annual report is available on your ClubHub portal. If you do not already have this information on file, it is highly recommended that you download and save it! Click on organization settings to view/download this information (found under "attachments" or the "annual report" section further down) before you start your 2017/18 annual report!

Need help completing your 2017/18 Annual Report? Check out this handy guide.

Do you have ideas to make the SU Clubs system better? Fill out the SU Clubs Annual Survey for your chance to take home some awesome prizes!

Contact if you have any questions or concerns!


Other ClubHub Help Topics

New: Creating an Event on ClubHub and Booking Spaces

All events must be approved on ClubHub. Hosting unapproved events or failing to disclose the activities at your events means SU Clubs insurance does not cover that event, and you may lose funding, privileges, or even club status with the SU. Along with insurance, the SU may be able to help promote your ClubHub events, and clubs can share events directly to social media for even more exposure!

New for 2016/17: Bookings in MacEwan Student Centre are now made in the Event Request - no need for two forms!

Have questions? Check this FAQ.

To create a new event (or view your club's upcoming or past events), go to the "Events" tab in your ClubHub portal and click "Create an Event":

Be sure to complete all the fields and enter all relevant information. For recurring (i.e., weekly) events, only one event request is necessary. Simply select "repeating" and indicate the days when your event will take place!

If you'd like your event to show up on the SU Clubs Website, make sure it's visible to the Public. Check off Portal Sharing to include your event on the SU Clubs event lists and our website:


New for 2016/17: Want to book a space in MacHall for your event / table / Den reservation or cab? This is all done in the event request now by choosing the venue you'd like:

Next, you'll need to confirm that you're a designated booker. Check the "Positions" tab on this help page for more info:

Now the cool part (this should look familiar) - all of the same room booking, Den reservation, or table booking questions are found in this form!

After the event information is entered, there's a few more questions dealing with risk management and event activities which you must answer. As with all forms and requests on ClubHub, be sure to click finish or nothing will be submitted for approval:


Once your event has been submitted for approval, you may edit the details using the tools on the right. All events must be approved by the SU Clubs Office before they're visible to anyone but your portal admins. You may also duplicate events or delete events that fall through:

If you have received pre-approval for funding for an event, be sure to update the event dates or description if anything changes and notify the CSO if the event is cancelled.

Submitting a Form on ClubHub

Forms are the primary way Clubs access funding and services from the SU. The following forms are available:

  • Special Event / Last Minute Funding
  • Food & Drink Funding
  • Start-up Funding
  • Space Booking (MCEC rooms / tables / Charity Grants, Den & Black Lounge)
  • Club Insurance (MANDATORY)
  • Locker Requests (available in August)
  • Clubs Week / Showcase sign-up
  • Pop / Popcorn / Display Case / Loop Promo requests
  • Etc.

To submit a form, go to the "Forms" tab in your ClubHub portal and click find the correct form for the funding or service you'd like to request:

Forms move up and down this list based on usage, or you can sort and search using the navigation bar at the top of the list. You may also view your pending or previous submissions by clicking on "View My Submissions." See above for instructions on how to save your submissions as PDFs! Clubs may also create their own forms, but be sure to make them visible to your portal only, or everyone will see them.

Once you've found the correct form, read the instructions carefully before beginning. Always be sure to submit the form on behalf of your club:

You can save your progress on any form at any time. When you return to this form, you'll see a button to "resume" or "cancel" your submissions. Once a form is submitted, you can't edit it unless you ask the CSO to re-open your form.

As with all forms and requests on ClubHub, be sure to click finish or nothing will be submitted for approval:

Form requests are generally processed within 3 business days. Most forms also require at least 2 weeks' notice in order to qualify for funding or services.

Updating your ClubHub Portal

It's important to keep your ClubHub portal information up to date, especially the contact info. Annual reports will also be processed through ClubHub portal renewals starting in 2015 / 2016. More information about annual reports will be available in March.

In your club`s ClubHub portal, hover over "Settings" and click on "Organization Settings." From here, you can click on "Update and Renew Profile" to change your executive officers list, contact information, club profile picture, and description. This is also how you upload updated membership lists or revised constitutions:

As with all forms and requests on ClubHub, be sure to click finish or nothing will be submitted for approval:

Within "Organization Settings," you may also customize your ClubHub portal with a cover photo, welcome message, custom footer, and social media links. We recommend not changing the time zone, but you may want to customize your join options to allow people to see updates and events from your portal. Remember, only portal admins have access to forms and event requests!

Saving Forms as PDFs on ClubHub

Once you have submitted a form you might want to save your submission so that other club executives can review it later. This is helpful for referencing successful applications in future years, when you have a whole new exec team, or if you want to keep detailed records of your club's activities. 

To save a completed form as a PDF file, go to Activity in your ClubHub profile, then click "download PDF":

To upload a file on your club's portal, go to the Files tab and click "add file."

Make sure it's visible to your club only, or everyone will be able to see it! A handy way to ensure this is to create a folder that's visible to your club only, then upload all your club's files there:

Need more help? Check out this OrgSync Help Page for all kinds of awesome tips and cool customization tools to trick out your Club Portal, drop by the Clubs Office, or email the CSO.


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