Well, if you are interested in risk management, insurance, or finance you might want to consider joining ARMI. Doing so will provide you with valuable insight into new industries, as well as opening opportunities to meet several key industry professionals. Plus, we probably have the best acronym of any of the Haskayne clubs!

Contrary to popular belief, we do not go door to door trying to sell you insurance. Corporate risk management (both financial and operational), risk financing solutions and innovations (including capital market techniques), the 'Enterprise Risk Management' approach, Brokering, Underwriting, and Risk Analysis are all fundamental aspects of Risk Management and Insurance. 

As businesses and individuals become more aware of the risks they face in their daily activities, the skill set of a University of Calgary Bachelor of Commerce graduate concentrating in Risk Management and Insurance (RMIN) or the joint Risk Management Insurance and Finance (RMIF) concentration will be in even greater demand. With the recent financial crisis, issues around risk management have become increasingly important to the business world. 

Members of ARMI have networking opportunities with the risk management, finance and insurance industries. Additional benefits include an annual careers day specifically targeted for RMIN and RMIF majors, speaker nights to provide real world insight into their future jobs, exam review packages for RMIN 317 - Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance, and various social events for students, alumni, and industry contacts.

What do we offer? For only $10 you get both the midterm and final exam review packages for RMIN 317. You will be invited to all the social events for the year which include but are not limited to: Alumni Pub Night, Speaker Night, RMIN Career Fair, and Internship Day. You will also have a vast number of networking opportunities available to you as well as volunteer opportunites that look great on a resume. Your membership is for life whether you are still in school or out in the working world, and so much more!

Bored yet? No? Well Join the Club! You will learn more about this dynamic field through close contact with industry professionals and professors, all while building a world of opportunities and a lifelong network of professional contacts.