Hey All,

A couple of items of news to discuss:

Friday Karaoke

If you like to sing or just want to have a good time then join us in some karaoke! Meet us at Nanta's Karaoke Bar at 6 pm.

Admission is free! Food and drinks are not covered, but you can purchase them at the event.

Excited to see you there!

Gender Bender

We're taking the show downtown this year, join us for an evening of Drag Performances and Parental Disappointment! 

We'll be just a short train ride from the final night of the Coming Out Monologues at Dickens Pub.

Performances TBA, Felicia Bonée will be our MC for the evening.

Doors open at 9 pm
Tickets will be $8 in advance, $10 at the door - info on presales to follow.

Hit us with your finest 90s attire, or just come as you are.


The Situation:

This year Gender Bender will be held at Dickens Pub. This is, to my knowledge, the first time GB will be held off campus. We are absolutely thrilled with the venue and their ability to accommodate us at this point in the year, but we are a little sad to not be hosting this event on campus - the symbolic and unapologetically queer occupation of a common space on campus, where we host performances from drag kings/queens and the occasional rollerblade-clad burlesque dancer, the temporary conversion to gender inclusive washrooms, and the general confluence of so many community partners and resources to provide everything from the DJ, the raffle prizes, and the incredibly talented performers that imbue the event with the spirit of its name - is a key point of pride for our group, and often as not a key contributor to a co-chair or two having a meltdown in the back room.

The closest, still available date to our original goal of March 31 is a week earlier in the evening of March 24. This does put us on the same night as the coming out monologues - we'll be looking at ways to reduce the extent of the overlap! Fortunately, it'll be just a short train ride between them.

For some background on this change of venue, there was a change in policy around booking cabarets with the Den. In the past, clubs paid a $500 deposit which was returned after the event provided that a minimum of $2000 in liquor sales were made. We have never lost this deposit. As of the change, clubs wishing to hold a cabaret are assessed a fee of $1500 which is not refunded. Even on our best year, this change would gut our revenue and bring into question whether the event was worth the financial risk.

Fortunately, as we reached out to our community, aka James Demers, we were connected with Dickens. They are not assessing us a fee for hosting Gender Bender.

The Den Policy has been flagged for review, and we will be submitting feedback, however any changes that are decided on will not come into effect until next year.

Gender Bender is our lifeline and we are eternally grateful to Dickens, the revenue generated enables us to host so many events at a minimal cost our members, and allows us to support our community while creating opportunities for students in various stages of self actualization to find their own niches.

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