This year the ZEUS business team has been charged with making team ZEUS a fiscally sustainable and responsible research endeavour. Integral to that goal, our budgeting and accounting team will be responsible for determining project costs, projecting our income, and keeping track of our expenditures. Participating with the budgeting and accounting team allows students with relevant majors to apply their classroom knowledge and gain experience towards their potential career. Equally important is the ZEUS sponsorship team which takes our proposal to corporations and grant providing institutions. Sponsorship team members gain valuable networking experience as they form various relationships with industry representatives. The support we receive through sponsorship is what allows us to keep pushing the limits of electric vehicle technology, without it we wont succeed. I look forward to working towards these goals with many of you this upcoming fall. feel free to email me if you have any questions or are interested in a leadership role on the business team.


David Atkins
Team ZEUS VP Business