Presidents message

Hi there to all prospective and current Team ZEUS members,

 The 2015/16 school year will be an important turning point in our club’s history.  Members involved in team ZEUS this year will undertake a variety of challenges from designing our next generation of electric racing motorcycle to ensuring financial stability for years to come.  I am thrilled to have the helm at such a pivotal moment and I hope everyone can come along for the ride.  Members joining for the 2015/16 year will get the unique opportunity to craft the direction of team ZEUS for years to come. Being a newer organization, those interested will have ample leadership and advancement opportunities.

For individual positions and to find out what projects we have planned for the 2015/16 year please see the links below from the other members of our admin team. Feel free to email any executive with questions or to inquire about leadership positions within the club.


Kyle Parrot
Team ZEUS President


2015/16 Electrical Team
2015/16 External Team
2015/16 Mechanical Team
2015/16 Internal Team
2015/16 Business Team