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Clubs East Renovation Plan (2017)

Thanks to a successful Quality Money grant application from your President-Elect Branden Cave, Clubs East (aka the "Clubs Basement") will be renovated this summer!

Renovation Plan

The new design is driven by the needs of clubs, primarily addressing the lack of storage clubs face on campus. This has been consistently identified as the primary need of clubs for the last few years.
The Volunteer Tax Program's needs were also considered for the meeting room and work space. This program runs through the Winter semester and uses the majority of the work space and the meeting room exclusively.
In addition to the existing half-size lockers, more mesh cage storage and trifold shelving (not pictured) will be added. This will reduce clutter and give clubs a space to organize their things.

Permanent bench seating will further reduce clutter in the work space and better lighting will make it a better place to work.

Images courtesy of nyhoff architecture


Floor Plan


ClubHouse Renovation (2013)

The old west Clubs Area has been fully renovated! All clubs now have access to this space. Check the renovation process in the Renovation 2013 photo album.

Renovation Plan

The new design is intended to address issues of space allocation, club storage areas, and convenient meeting spaces.
With that in mind, the major change in this area will be the removal of private office spaces. Instead, there will be six new bookable workrooms and one new larger meeting room, all of which will be bookable exclusively by clubs and will be available for last minute booking. The intention is for clubs to be able to book these spaces at a moment’s notice.
More accessible and larger storage areas are also a focus. Mesh cage lockers and a shared storage area will be available, in addition to the regular lockers. We hope to make these spaces more accessible for all clubs.

Images courtesy of nyhoff architecture


Floor Plan

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