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Mandatory Requirements and Expectations

In addition to complying with the conditions outlined in the Student Organization Registration Procedure, SU Clubs should be aware of the following:

Club Constitutions

Your club’s governing document provides a framework and establishes rules for how your organization operates. These structures and rules help to prevent and resolve conflicts and ensure consistency in how your club will operate over time. It ensures that the club will continue to serve its purpose and function in a way that is fair and accessible for all members, and the CSO will refer club executives to this in the case of a dispute.

When writing your club’s governing document, follow our how-to guide for recommendations and best practices.

Registered Club Agreement

Student Organizations that register with the SU in order to access funding and services must agree to uphold the values and principles of good governance and fair practice in order to retain this status. The Registered Club Agreement (see Appendix A) must be acknowledged on an annual basis by club executives. Currently, this acknowledgement is done digitally through the online registration process.

Provisional Registration

Missing a mandatory deadline or violating the terms of registration will result in Provisional Registration (PR). Clubs on PR will have limited access to SU funding and services while the CSO investigates the infraction. This also gives clubs time to collect any necessary information required to meet the terms of registration.

Clubs that receive PR status will have 30 days to come into compliance with the Registered Club Agreement, unless otherwise stated. After 30 days, the club may lose registered status with the Students’ Union. Any club that loses their registered status may apply to the CSO to re-register within one year. If a club receives PR status, the CSO will work closely with them to resolve the issue and return the club to full registered status.

Examples of infractions that would result in a 30 day provisional registration status include if a club:

  • Does not complete their annual report by the stated deadline;
  • Fails to provide necessary information on the annual report ;
  • Does not meet minimum membership requirements;
  • Fails to complete the annual insurance requirement by the stated deadline;
  • Fails to send two representatives to September Survival Seminars (PR until January);
  • Fails to send two representatives to January Survival Seminars if September missed (PR until April);
  • Violates the terms of use of a space operated by the SU; or,
  • Violates their own constitution.

If your club's provisional registration has expired, please email the CSO to re-register with the SU. All re-registrations are due by noon on the third Friday of every month and will be reviewed within 5 business days of this deadline (i.e., by the following Friday).

Diversity, Exclusivity, and Advertising Policies

Registered clubs are expected to be nice to each other, to their members, and to the SU. Appendix B outlines the SU’s stance on diversity and respect. Contact the CSO for additional resources. Let’s keep clubs fun!

The SU and UofC have exclusivity agreements with Pepsi and Molson – no competing products may be brought to SU Club events on campus! On-campus promotion of media partnerships must be approved by the CSO.

See the SU’s Acceptable Display and Advertising & Signage policies for advertising info and locations.

There are also a few things that SU Clubs need to do every year in order to maintain their registered status with the SU:

ClubHub 101 and 201

ClubHub 101 is a mandatory session held each year in September that covers how to access funding and services along with mandatory requirements for remaining registered with the SU. ClubHub 101 sessions are meant for new club execs or those that need a refresher after the summer months. New for 2017: In addition to ClubHub 101, ClubHub 201 will be offered on select dates for more experienced execs. For both sessions, bring a laptop, tablet, or mobile device to follow along!

All registered clubs must send two (2) representatives to either a ClubHub 101 or 201 September session or they will receive PR status until January. New clubs that register after September, or clubs on PR status for missing a session in September, must send two (2) representatives to a January session.

Insurance Deadline

Clubs that register with the SU are covered by the SU’s General Liability Insurance for events they register with the Clubs Office. All clubs must submit an Insurance Fee Form on ClubHub each year, even if no payment is required. The fee per club (non-cumulative) is dependent on the types of events the club will be holding:

  • Alcohol related events, on- or off-campus - $50/year
  • Non-alcohol related events, off-campus - $25/year
  • Non-alcohol related events, on-campus - $0/year

All clubs must complete an insurance form annually even if they have private insurance. Without this coverage, club executives would be personally liable for claims arising from bodily injury and property damage liability, personal injury, and medical payments if an incident is to occur during approved club events or activities. Details here.

Failure to complete the insurance form by the stated deadline will result in PR status, after which time the club may lose registered status. 

Event Approval

In order for the SU’s insurance to be effective, the Clubs Office requires two (2) weeks’ notice of all club events. Failure to disclose details of the activities at these events or failure to report events may result in PR status.

If events involve travel outside the city or potential physical risks, the CSO may create a waiver for participants to sign. Executives of clubs hosting events requiring a waiver must receive waiver training from the CSO, provided on an appointment-only basis. Event approval is completed online. Details here.

Annual Report

To retain registered status with the SU, all active clubs must complete an annual report by the stated deadline (April 30, 2018). Failure to do so will result in PR status, after which time the club may lose registered status. The following details will be required to complete the annual report process:

  • Current Club constitution (How-to Guide)
  • Membership List – Must include Student ID numbers (Template)
  • Co-Curricular Record Verification (Template)
  • Income and Expenditures Record (Template)
  • Outgoing and Incoming Executive lists and contact details
  • Bank Record/Statement of Account

Annual reports are completed online. See our help page for a step-by-step guide! Digital copies of all documents are required.

Accessing Funding and Services is done online. Here's how:

ClubHub: Accounts and Club Portals

The main SU Clubs website,, details resources available to SU Clubs. Logging in to ClubHub provides access to most of these resources. 

Currently SU Clubs access funding, services, risk management, and registration online through ClubHub. Registered clubs will appear on the clubs list. Clubs with PR status may not have full access to ClubHub.

Portals: Every club registered with the SU has their own portal on ClubHub. Clubs may request funding, spaces, or resources using specific forms on this portal. Club executives should have administrative access to their group's portal.

Accounts: Every individual may create a person log-in to ClubHub. Generic club accounts are not allowed and may be removed without warning. New executives should be added to club portals by outgoing execs.

Help: The CSO is your best resource for learning about ClubHub. Online resources include step-by-step walkthroughs for submitting forms, adding portal admins, creating events, and completing annual requirements. 

For online help with ClubHub, visit:

A PDF version of the Clubs Manual is also available to download or view online.


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