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Jr Executive Program


Engage new students and ensure the longevity and ongoing vitality of your club! Dozens of successful SU Clubs already have Jr Execs. Register your group today by emailing the CSO and let the SU help your club succeed today, tomorrow, and well into the future.



What is Jr Exec?

The Jr. Exec program encourages clubs to recruit interested first year (or any other) students during Clubs Week as Executives in Training. These team members will be trained by current execs, attend SU Clubs workshops, and become invested in your club to potentially take over once they’re (and you’re) ready. By registering for the program your club will get a cool sign for your table at Clubs Week and we’ll put your club on a list that will be distributed to incoming first year students. Register by emailing the CSO.

Not sure where to get started? Check out this helpful guideline for how to start your Jr. Exec experience. 

By participating in the Jr. Exec program, your club will also be eligible for the LOVE (Longevity, Ongoing Vitality & Engagement) Club Award. This award will be given to a club who demonstrates a focus on the long-term progression of their club through a commitment to attending survival seminars & clubs workshops, participation in the Jr. Exec program, and contributions to the long-term success of the club.

Jr Exec FAQ

Why does my club need Jr Execs?
So you stop spending your nights in a cold sweat worrying about who is going to continue the brilliance of your club after you graduate. Junior Executives will learn the ins and outs of your club while you’re still around so that they’re ready to carry the torch when you must finally break free from the University. Hiring younger students as Jr. Executives will help ease the transition of executive teams year after year and increase the longevity of your club.

What is a Jr Exec's Job?
Each club uses Jr Execs differently. The best way to think of Jr Execs is like an internship or job shadowing. You might consider one-on-one mentorship, or Jr Execs might get a chance to work with every executive differently. You might want to let them help plan events, manage the club, and see how you run the show so they're ready to take over when you're ready to move on.

How do I train Jr Execs?
Some clubs train through experience, while others have formal meetings to go over responsibilities. It's a good idea to have your Jr's read over the job descriptions in your club's constitution and the SU's rules in the clubs manual. This might be a good opportunity for your current execs to brush up on their knowledge as well! The SU also hosts a workshop series (see below) where we will be providing extra hands-on training for all club execs. To remain in the Jr Exec program, you must send someone to at least one session in 2016/17!

How do I recruit Jr Execs?
The SU will be promoting a list of clubs who are taking part in the Jr Exec program at Campus Expo and Clubs Week. Participating clubs will get a sign to display at Clubs Week and Showcase so interested students will recognize that you're looking for new leaders-in-training. The SU also maintains a list of participating clubs on our website (below) and on the ClubHub clubs list. That way people can tell if you're looking for new executives when they seek you out online.

Do we have to change our constitution?
Not necessarily. Jr Execs are just in training to take over existing positions; however, if you want to clearly define their rights and responsibilities (if these are different from general members) you might want to consult with the CSO. Jr Execs don't necessarily have to become full execs - most clubs require nominations and elections, but a trained leader may stand a better chance of winning.

How do we win the LOVE (Longevity, Ongoing Vitality & Engagement) Award?
Participation in the Jr Exec program is step one - next is to complete as many of the requirements and extras on the Survival Guide (below) as you can before March 1. If you think you've done everything (except for the annual report and locker clean-out, of course), nominate your club for the LOVE award in the winter!


Participating Clubs

3 Things UCalgary
3D Printing Club
Adopt A Block YYC
Alpha Kappa Psi
Amnesty International UofC
Anime Club, The
Anxiety & Stress Awareness
Art House Union
Association of Korean Canadian Scientist and Engineers University of Calgary Chapter
Association of Music Producers
Bear Necessities Calgary
Best Friends Foodever
Bike Root
Birthday Wishes
Brainiacs Club
British Club, The
Calgary Campus Lions Club
Calgary Chinese Community Service Association (University of Calgary Chapter)
Calgary Healthcare Improvement Network
Canadians for Israel
Chemistry Students' Chapter
Chinese Students' Society
Club Francais
Community Garden Club, UofC
Consent Awareness and Sexual Education Club
CORE - Korean-Canadian Students' Association
Distress Centre on Campus
E-Sports Association: League of Legends Club
Emulating Nature in Innovations
Enactus Calgary
Engineering Students' Society
Engineering World Health
Engineers Without Borders
Faculty of Arts Students' Association
Filipino Students' Association
Film Society, UofC
First Nations Student Association
Free the Children U of C Chapter
Friendship for Overseas College and University Students
Geeks United
Global Brigades Calgary
Guys / Girls Into Guitar Club
Habesha Students' Society
Harry Potter Quidditch Club, UofC
Heart & Stroke Foundation Students' Association
Hearthstone Club
Hip Hop Dance Club
History Students' Association
Homeless Foundation, UofC
Hong Kong Students' Association
Improv Club, UofC
Indian Students' Association
Initiative for Development and Education in Afghanistan
International Relations Club
Journalists for Human Rights
Kin Campus Club of Calgary
Kinesiology Student Society
Latin America Students' Association
Learning Beyond Borders
Lending Our Volunteers Everywhere
Liberals, University of Calgary
Light Up the World! UofC
LINKages - University of Calgary Chapter
Love in Action
Make-A-Wish: University of Calgary
Mental Health Awareness
Mentorship for English Learners
Model United Nations Team, UofC
Muslim Students' Association
Natural Sciences Students' Association
Nu Focus
Outdoor Adventurers, UofC
Panhellenic Association, UofC
Passion 4 Play
Pawsitive Change
People's Ping Pong Club, UofC
Petroleum and Energy Society
Political Science Association
Pre-Veterinary Students' Association
Psychology Undergraduate Students' Association
Queers on Campus
Raising Awareness For Elder Abuse
Rare Genomics Institute University of Calgary Chapter
Real Estate Student Club
RED (Reforming Education on Drugs
Red Cross Club, UofC
Right to Play
Russian Speaking Student Association
Scene & Heard
Schulich AeroDesign
Schulich Soundstage
Schulich UAV
Scribe and Muse English Club, The
Shakespeare & Company Literacy Association
Society of Calgary Undergraduate Mathematics
Sociology Students' Association
Sports Management Society
Spread the Love
STEM Fellowship
Student Dance Club
Student Organization for Aerospace Research
Students Against Domestic Abuse Association
Students for Special Olympics
Students in Communications
Students of the Arts and Science Honours Academy
Taking Strides Calgary
The Bike Share
The Children's Health Advocates in support of the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation
The WWE Club
Tikkun Olam Makers: Calgary Student Chapter
Ucalgary Pokemon Club
Unconventional Engineers
UNICEF on Campus
University of Calgary Against Human Trafficking
University of Calgary Campus Conservative Association
University of Calgary Dental Society
University of Calgary Firearms Association
University of Calgary Lacrosse Club
University of Calgary New Democratic Party // Nouveau Parti Democratique de l'Universite de Calgary
University of Calgary Pre Law Society: Undergraduate Law and Society Association
University of Calgary Robotics Association
University of Calgary Spoken Word
UofC Kidney Health Club
Urban Calgary Students' Association
Verbatim, the Undergraduate Linguistics Club
Vietnamese Students' Association
Wildrose on Campus, University of Calgary
Women in Business
Women of Colour United
Women's Studies and Feminist Club
World University Service of Canada
World Wildlife Fund Calgary
Yoga for All

2017/18 Workshop Dates and Topics

Starting in October, these workshops will help all club executives effectively manage your organizations. If you miss a workshop in the Fall, try attending in the Winter! Use the sub-topics below to decide which works best for you!

All sessions will be held in Workroom 7 in the Clubs Area at 12:00 noon. Guest hosts include SU Staff, representatives from U of C Departments, and Club Execs just like you! To get involved, email

Fall 2017

  • October 4 & 5: Budgets and Funding
    • Topics: Budgets, Funding Applications, Bank Accounts, Fundraising, Sponsorship
    • Recommended for: VP Operations and Finance, Secretary, Treasurer
  • October 18 & 19: Event Planning and Space Booking
    • Topics: Event Planning, Space Booking, Collaboration, Fundraising, Sponsorship
    • Recommended for: VP Events, VP Internal, VP External, Coordinator, MCEC Designated Bookers
  • November 1 & 2: Communications and Social Media
    • Topics: Communications, Social Media, Promotions, Meetings
    • Recommended for: VP Events, VP Internal, VP External, Coordinator, MCEC Designated Bookers
  • November 15 & 16: Volunteer Management and Co-Curricular Records
    • Topics: Volunteer Management, Co-Curricular Records, Jr Exec Roles
    • Recommended for: VP Internal, Vice President, President
  • November 29 & 30: Governance and Mandatory Requirements
    • Topics: Governance/Elections, Conflict Management, Executive Transitions, Annual Reports
    • Recommended for: President, Vice President, VP Internal

Winter 2018

  • January 31: Budgets and Funding
    • Topics: Budgets, Funding Applications, Bank Accounts, Fundraising, Sponsorship
    • Recommended for: VP Operations and Finance, Secretary, Treasurer
  • February 14: Event Planning and Space Booking
    • Topics: Event Planning, Space Booking, Collaboration, Fundraising, Sponsorship
    • Recommended for: VP Events, VP Internal, VP External, Coordinator, MCEC Designated Bookers
  • February 28: Communications and Social Media
    • Topics: Communications, Social Media, Promotions, Meetings
    • Recommended for: VP Events, VP Internal, VP External, Coordinator, MCEC Designated Bookers
  • March 14: Volunteer Management and Co-Curricular Records
    • Topics: Volunteer Management, Co-Curricular Records, Jr Exec Roles
    • Recommended for: VP Internal, Vice President, President
  • March 28: Governance and Mandatory Requirements
    • Topics: Governance/Elections, Conflict Management, Executive Transitions, Annual Reports
    • Recommended for: President, Vice President, VP Internal

Workshops on Demand

Can't make it to the regular workshop sessions? Have a new exec team that needs a kickstart? Want to brush up on a specific topic? Schedule a Workshop on Demand with the CSO!

Workshops will be scheduled at your convenience between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday, based on the CSO's availability.

To arrange a Workshop on Demand, email the CSO with your requested topics, times, number of participants, and club name!

Workshop Notes

Click on the images below to view the CSO's notes from previous workshops:

Jr Exec
Bank Accounts & Budgets Space Booking! Funding Applications
Event Planning Volunteer
Communications Sponsorship
Social Media Collaboration Co-Curricular Records
Fundraising Maximizing
Governance &
Best Practices

Survival Guide


Want the TL/DR version of your club's registration requirements? Check off everything marked with a * from both mandatory and optional categories before March 1 to be eligible for the L.O.V.E. Award!



Mandatory Requirements

  • Send two executives to a ClubHub 101 session (September 27 - 30)*
  • Complete your club’s Annual Insurance form and make any payments by October 14*
  • Submit your club’s Annual Report on ClubHub before April 28
  • If you have a club locker it must be emptied and cleaned by April 28
  • Always register club events 2 weeks in advance on ClubHub!*

Optional Extras

  • Register your club for the Jr Executive Program!*
  • Attend at least one Exec Workshop or book an on-demand session with the CSO*
  • Host a Spotlight Event that’s on campus, open to everyone, and awesome!*
  • Exec AF: Chat with the VPSL or a Clubs Committee member at Clubs Week or Showcase*
  • Positions: Designate two execs to book rooms, tables, and spaces in MSC*
  • Pro-Serve: Have at least two execs trained before hosting events with alcohol*
  • Waiver Training: Learn how to administer waivers before hosting risky events*
  • Eric Lahoda Memorial Scholarship: Apply on ClubHub before February 21
  • Club Awards: Nominate your club or another by February 28*
  • Co-Curricular Record: Register on before April

Co-Curricular Record


The Co-Curricular Record (CCR) is an official transcript of volunteer positions you’ve held during your time at the U of C – and being an exec on an SU Club counts! The CCR is administered through the UofC’s Leadership and Student Engagement Office.


How to Get CCR Credit

To qualify for CCR Credit:

  • Individuals need minimum 20 hours per position to be considered for CCR validation
  • If an executive is not listed on ClubHub, they will not receive CCR credit. Use this template to verify exec CCR hours on your annual report.

If these conditions are met, follow these easy steps:

  1. Update all executive positions on your club’s ClubHub Portal.
  2. To find out if your position already exists, log in to the CCR and search the database.
  3. To submit a new position or activity (for new clubs or new roles), download the new position form, then email your completed form to For more information go to the CCR website.
  4. Complete all of the duties associated with your position in the club.
  5. Submit your club’s annual report and include a list of execs and volunteers (template) before April 30th, 2018.
  6. Make sure your execs individually register for their CCR before May 4 May 18! (the deadline has been extended)

Refer to the CCR FAQ for all of your Co-Curricular Record questions!

Leadership on Demand


Offered by the office of Leadership and Student Engagement (LSE), Leadership on Demand is a program that offers free custom workshops and training for clubs and student groups.

To request a custom workshop visit the Leadership on Demand website and fill in the workshop request form. To register for an existing workshop visit Questions? Email

Request a Workshop

Request a workshop on topics including but not limited to:

  • Succession planning;
  • Event planning;
  • Social media and communications;
  • Professionalism, team work, conflict resolution, and more.

Leadership on Demand also offers regular drop-in workshops that are pre-scheduled throughout the semester. Follow Leadership and Student Engagement on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to receive updates on upcoming events and workshops!

Level Up

Level Up is a free, inclusive Active Living program used to reward students XP (experience points) for participating in activities that boost their well-being and university experience. Students gain XP for attending events found on our ONEcalendar to earn their chance at winning over 5000 prizes. Visit to participate or click here to learn how to submit an event!

UCalgary Alumni

Looking for a dynamic speaker for your next event? UCalgary Alumni can help! With over 100,000 graduates working and living in Calgary, opportunities exist to engage with leaders in a number of industries!


How Can I Engage Alumni?

If you are interested in connecting with a UCalgary alumnus to speak at your next event, please contact Megan Robinson (, Alumni Recruitment Specialist, and include the following information:

  • Area of Study/Background of interest of the alumni speaker
  • Start time
  • Anticipated Location (i.e. MacEwan Student Centre)
  • Type of event (i.e. dinner, cocktail reception)
  • Topic of speaking engagement
  • Event program and length of speaking engagement
  • Target audience
  • Attendance estimate
  • PowerPoint availability (for speaker use)

SU Wellness Centre Training Opportunities

The SU Wellness Centre has a variety of training opportunities that aim to build a supportive and resilient campus community by teaching participants skills they can use to help others who are experiencing a problem or are struggling and exploring ways they can maintain their own mental health and personal wellness.

These training sessions are free for all UCalgary students and are available to any student group that requests a training session. Please check the website links (below) for upcoming training dates.To request a training session for your club, contact

Community Helpers

Community Helpers is a fully customizable training program that provides participants with the knowledge and skills to effectively help someone who is experiencing a problem or is in distress.  Participants learn a 6 step tool they can apply to any helping situation and explore ways to effectively navigate difficult situations. Register here.

The Inquiring Mind

The Inquiring Mind aims to increase awareness of mental health and reduce the stigma of mental illnesses. Participants learn how to recognize signs and indicators of mental health concerns in themselves and others, how they can support friends and peers, and strategies to maintain their own mental health and resiliency. Register here.

Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR)

QPR is an internationally recognized certified suicide intervention training. It teaches participants how to recognize and support someone who may be having thoughts of suicide. QPR is a tool that can be used by anyone to help in a situation where there is a potential risk of suicide. Register here.

Bystander Intervention Training

Developed in conjunction with UCalgary Strong, this training is available to any student group that requests a session. These fully customizable seminars are available in a 2 hour in-person session or a combined online and in-person format. The training focusses on building the skills required to intervene when witnessing harmful situations such as bullying, discrimination, and harassment, and enhances students’ repertoire of resources for creating a caring community.

How do I sign up?

Information on this program and registration for any of the sessions below can be found on the UCalgary Strong website. For more information, email

Bystander Training dates are available on their website and include a monthly two-hour in-person session on Thursday afternoon. Participants enjoy no line to that evening’s Thursden!

Service on Demand

Find volunteer opportunities for your club on an ongoing basis similar to the BSD and O-Week Day of Service. Give back to your community while developing leadership skills and improving teamwork.


What is Service on Demand?

The Centre for Community-Engaged Learning offers uniquely tailored service-learning opportunities for your student group and/or staff units. After completing an online form that will let us learn more about your group, a member of our team will contact you to discuss your team’s objectives, needs and expected learning outcomes.

Days of Service are specifically tailored by content and learning outcome expectations for each group. Days of Service can be scheduled at any point during the semester or during summer break in order to ensure the best fit for your group.

To learn more or to sign up your group or club visit

Sustainability Clubs Alliance

Are you part of a club that is working on environmental, social, health, and/or economic issues? Join an alliance of student clubs collaborating, networking and sharing experiences to solve social and environmental challenges on and off campus.


How to Join

This supportive community provides an opportunity for your club to collaborate with other like-minded student clubs on campus while receiving support and resources from the University of Calgary's Office of Sustainability. Membership is free and benefits include:

  • Opportunities to implement a collaborative project on campus
  • Tips for successfully applying for project funding through the Students' Union
  • Free booking of the Sustainability Resource Centre and promotion for your events, meetings, and workshops
  • Opportunities to network with other clubs, learn from guest speakers, and to have fun!

To learn more, please email

Transition Guide

Download Here

Transition Tips & Tricks

Download Here

A PDF version of the Clubs Manual is also available to download or view online.


ATB Financial

Clubs Area Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 10:00pm
Sat / Sun: 11:00am - 5:00pm
Closed stat/school holidays

Contact the CSO

Office: MSC 279B
Phone: (403) 220-2233
Office Hours:
 Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 4:30pm
 Closed Weekends & Stat Holidays

Useful Links

Join a club participating in the Jr Exec Program!