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Events and Risk Management

Event Proposals

All club events must be approved by the Students' Union Clubs Office. These events must also follow all policies regarding insurance, providing services, waivers, alcohol, and food.

An event proposal can be submitted by creating an event in your club's portal. Events should be submitted at least two weeks prior to the event date. Haskayne Clubs require 4-6 weeks' notice to allow for logistics and marketing approval.

Penalties for unauthorized events are severe.


The Students' Union commercial general liability policy extends to all approved club events, activities, and club spaces. This policy provides coverage against claims arising from bodily injury and property damage liability, personal injury, and medical payments if an incident is to occur during approved club events or activities.

Events held without prior approval will not be eligible for coverage by SU Clubs Insurance and attendees are participating at his or her own risk; however, in the case of an incident at unauthorized events, individuals and/or the club may be found legally liable.

All clubs must submit an Insurance Fee Form on ClubHub each year, even if no payment is required. The fee per club (non-cumulative) is dependent on the types of events the club will be holding:

  • Alcohol related events, on- or off-campus - $50/year
  • Non-alcohol related events, off-campus - $25/year
  • Non-alcohol related events, on-campus - $0/year

Clubs and GLOs that have private insurance must submit a copy of their general liability certificate to the CSO by the Insurance Deadline. To obtain a certificate of insurance from the SU for an approved event, please email the CSO with the venue name, location, dates, and any other requirements.

The Students' union will not be held legally liability for unauthorized events or events that are covered under other insurance policies.

Event Waivers

If an event is assessed to have sufficient risk a waiver will be provided to the club by the Student's Union. It is the club's responsibility to have all participants complete and sign the specific waiver before the event and to have a club executive witness the waiver. Waiver administration procedures can be found here.

Waivers for events that require purchase of a ticket or payment for participation must be completed, signed, and witnessed at the time of payment. These waivers must be returned to the Students' Union Clubs Office prior to the event.

Waivers for events that involve alcohol and / or alcohol related risks must be completed, signed, witnessed, and returned to the Student's Union Clubs Office prior to the event.

All other waivers must be returned to the Students' Union Clubs Office as soon as it is possible. If a club has old waivers from past years, they cannot re-use them.

Transportation Waivers

A waiver will be required for any form of organized transportation, excluding public transit, for events held outside of the City of Calgary as the Students' Union insurance policy does not extend to transportation.

Please note that the SU's insurance policy does not extend any coverage to the operation of private passenger vehicles and using a private vehicle as a method of transportation for clubs events results in the owner and/or driver of the vehicle accepting legal liability for the safe operation and his or her policy coverage would apply in the case of an accident. It is the responsibility of the driver and passenger to ensure that the vehicle carries the appropriate coverage and that no Students' Union coverage will apply in the case of an accident.

International Travel

The SU encourages international exploration! A waiver, provided by the CSO, will be required for all participants in international club trips. All participants must be provided with a current copy of the Government of Canada Travel Advice and Advisory Report (to be made available by the CSO at the time of event approval) and must have read it prior to signing the waiver. One copy of this Travel Report must be attached to the completed waivers, which are to be returned to the CSO before the trip departs.

Alcohol Functions

Before hosting any event where alcohol will be served, clubs must have paid the appropriate insurance fee, and have at least two executives Pro-Serve certified. These executives must be present and sober during the duration of the event.

Pro-Serve certification is offered free of charge to all executives of registered SU clubs. To register:

  • Send the names and personal email addresses of the Executive members you would like certified to
  • Once you receive the registration code, you have 30 days to complete the course and exam
  • Once you have certified, the certification number must be submitted with your club's event proposal

Club-sponsored alcohol related events cannot be held in venues that are unlicensed or that do not have sufficient liability insurance. For this reason, house parties where alcohol will be served cannot be organized or advertised as club events.

All club events must adhere to the University of Calgary Use of Alcohol Policy. Note especially that this policy explicitly prohibits all pub crawls.

Off-Campus Venues

If the event is being held off-campus, the venue must be contacted and asked to list some additional insurers on the venue's liability insurance policy for the date of the event. This usually comes in the form of a Certificate of Insurance. When obtaining a Certificate of Insurance from the venue, the club must have the following additional insured listed on the certificate:

  • The name of the club
  • The University of Calgary and the Board of Governors of the University of Calgary
    2500 University Drive, NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1N4
  • The Students’ Union, University of Calgary
    2500 University Drive, NW, Calgary, AB T2N 1N4

This certificate must be submitted with the event proposal, or added to the proposal no less than 48 hours before the event.

On-Campus Venues

The Den, Black Lounge, Red Room, MCEC conference rooms, Last Defense Lounge, Red & White Club, and several other venues are covered under the University of Calgary's liquor license and provide their own drink services.

On-campus venues that are not licensed for the regular consumption of alcohol must provide explicit written permission for events where alcohol will be served. This includes faculty events in offices (public or private), classrooms, outdoor spaces, etc. Letters must be signed by the venue manager.

A valid liquor license is also required for events where alcohol will be served on campus. These can be purchased for around $20 at any liquor store.

No consumption of alcohol is permitted in SU Clubs workrooms and no letter of permission will be granted under any circumstances.

Student Medical Response

SMR serves as a unique collaboration between the SU Wellness Centre and Campus Security to enhance the safety and wellbeing of the campus community. Startup funding was provided by the SU Quality Money program, with continued funding provided by donations and volunteer time.

This 100% student volunteer run and organized team of first responders, paramedics, firefighters, lifeguards, nursing students, and medical students is available to provide services at SU Club and community events that might require a medical team on standby. 

To request standby medical coverage at your event, or for more information, please see their website ( or email the team at


Posters, Screens, and Advertising


In general, don't disrespect other people or their posters. This means:

  • Posters can only go on poster boards, not on painted surfaces;
  • Clubs area poster boards are for registered club and/or SU events only. Other posters may be allowed at the discretion of the CSO only;
  • Don't cover other people's stuff if the event hasn't happened;
  • Don't spam poster boards (one poster per space);
  • Keep posters inside the lines (no staples on the edges or walls); and,
  • Offensive materials (refer to the SU's Acceptable Display Policy for MacHall spaces) may be removed.

If you'd like to hang a banner in MacHall you must get the CSO's approval. For details, refer to the SU's Advertising & Signage Policy (for MacHall spaces). 

The University of Calgary has outlined standards for their poster boards and public spaces here.

TV Screens in MacHall

The LOOP: The SU operates 10 TV screens throughout MacHall. Use this ClubHub form to request ad space for your upcoming event!

NUTV: There are 10 other screens in MacHall operated by NUTV. This document (PDF) explains how to get your ad on their network!

Display Case, Clubs Newsletter, and The Gauntlet

Display Case: Clubs may request up to two weeks to advertise an upcoming event in the clubs area display case using this ClubHub form.

Clubs Newsletter: Sent to club execs every two weeks, clubs may email the CSO a blurb of up to 100 words by the Monday before the next newsletter for an upcoming event to have it included. Be sure to attach a picture as well!

Gauntlet: Coming soon!


A PDF version of the Clubs Manual is also available to download or view online.



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