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Students' Union Managed Spaces

SU Clubs Workrooms

Workrooms are part of the newly renovated SU Club House and are for the exclusive use of SU Clubs. Two hour blocks in these spaces may be booked for clubs only last-minute and up to one semester in advance. 

Clubs Area Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am-10:00pm / Weekends 11:00am-5:00pm.

Bookings made on behalf of individuals or non-registered clubs will be removed. Repeated violations will result in a permanent booking ban.

Workroom Capacities:

Rooms Capacity
1, 2, 4, 5 4
3, 6 6
7 8-16

These workrooms are designed to help clubs hold meetings, plan events, and run their club. SU Clubs Areas are no-campaign zones. No SU Elections planning, preparation, or campaigning in workrooms!

MCEC Conference Rooms, Courtyards, That Empty Space

Clubs have access to a number of free bookings in the MacEwan Conference and Event Centre (MCEC) including That Empty Space, the South Courtyard, and Conference Rooms. Take a virtual tour of the MCEC facilities!

New for 2016/17: MSC Space Booking Requests are now done at the same time as event requests - no need for two forms! Check this FAQ or the help page for details.

Bookings are made based on availability and eligibility of the club and event. Read the sections below, check the SU Clubs Manual Appendix, and see the Capacity Chart and Floor Plan for full details.

How to Book Space in MCEC

All bookings in MacEwan Conference and Events Centre venues must be made by designated bookers on ClubHub. Clubs may only have two (2) designated bookers at a time.

We'll make sure your space is available before your event is approved on the SU's calendar. 

General Policies

All bookings must be requested no later than ten (10) business days from the date of the event and are subject to availability. 

During the fall and winter terms, weekday bookings can be made between 9:00 am and 10:00 pm and weekends between 9:00 am and 6:00 pm (excluding statutory holidays and winter break).

During the spring and summer terms, weekday bookings can be made between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm, excepting Thursday when they can be made between 9:00 am and 10:00 pm. Weekend bookings will only be permitted subject to MCEC staff availability.

Clubs may block book space for weekly events in advance, but can only do so after certain dates:

  • August 1st for the fall term
  • November 1st for the winter term
  • March 1st for the spring/summer term
  • For special events, clubs may book on a rolling scale four months prior to their event

A special event is defined as any booking requiring catering, outsourced equipment, or using the North Courtyard, Ballroom, or Hall. Special events requests are to be submitted at least 5 weeks in advance of the requested date.

Cancellations or no-shows require no less than 3 business days notice, otherwise clubs are subject to a $100.00 cancellation fee. Further details on booking policies can be found in the Space Booking Service Agreement, or in the Appendix section of the clubs manual. 

Permitted noise levels in the North and South Courtyards of MSC shall be no more than 75 decibels on a constant basis and 85 decibels at peak levels. MCEC or the SU may require clubs to limit the volume of their events if these noise levels are exceeded.

MCEC has the final say on bookings made in their spaces. Any disputes will be referred to the MCEC/SU Space Booking Service Agreement and/or the MCEC Master Events Agreement between the Club making the booking and MCEC.


Clubs must use in-house catering when booking in MCEC spaces. They receive a 20% discount* off regular, in-house catering ordered from the published MCEC catering menu. Remember that catering counts as a special event, and requires 5 weeks advance notice.

Clubs hosting members-only events may bring homemade or store bought food into MCEC spaces. This must be disclosed at the time of booking. No alcohol is permitted in MCEC spaces unless bar service is purchased from MCEC. No food is permitted in MSC courtyards or at tables in Mac Hall.

*This does not include custom menus, alcohol, deliveries, or plated dinners. All catering is subject to a 17% gratuity and GST.

Equipment and A/V

Clubs have access to the following equipment for MCEC room bookings at no charge (maximums apply) within MacEwan Student Centre:

  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Podium w/mic
  • Whiteboard
  • Projector (Club Cart includes small PC speakers) and Screen
  • TV / VCR / DVD Player
  • etc. 

Additional equipment including PA systems for music must be approved by MCEC and the CSO and must be provided by the club at their own expense.

MCEC Bookings Allowances

Conference Rooms

Ariel, Bianca, Cassio (A/B),
Escalus, Guildenstern,
Hamlet, Executive Council Chambers, Clubs Boardroom

Two free, 4-hour bookings per week.

Additional time at 50% discount.
That Empty Space

Two free, 8-hour bookings per month.

Additional time at 50% discount.
MSC South Courtyard

Two free, 8-hour bookings per semester.

Additional time at 50% discount.
MSC North Courtyard* Available at 50% discount.
MacEwan Hall* Available at 50% discount.
MacEwan Ballroom* Available at 50% discount.
MCEC Tables

10 free information tables per semester
1 free sales table per semester

*Bookings made in these spaces are considered "special events" and require minimum 5 weeks' notice to reserve.

Tables in Mac Hall

Clubs are entitled to 10 free "info" and one free "sales" table bookings in MacEwan Student Centre during Fall and Winter semesters. MCEC Club booking policies (above) and Table Booking Policies apply.

New for 2016/17: MSC Space Booking Requests are now done at the same time as event requests - no need for two forms! Check this FAQ or the help page for details.

For all table bookings, clubs are welcome to sell tickets to their own events. For one table booking per semester clubs may sell products. When booking sales tables, be prepared to provide details about the items you intend to sell, as some products are prohibited from being sold in Student Centre. In particular, selling or giving out food (such as baked goods) is not permitted.

For tables throughout the rest of the University of Calgary, some of which allow bake sales, please contact the UofC's Conference and Events Management (see below).

The Den, Black Lounge, and Red Room

Club events must be approved by the CSO before booking events. The following spaces can be booked when you create events on ClubHub:

  • Den Stage Area
  • Red Room
  • Den or Black Lounge (Cabarets)

Clubs that host cabarets may retain 100% of door proceeds for their organization. For cab booking info, see the Den & Black Lounge Space Booking Procedures.

Club Lockers

SU Clubs have access to several different options for storage at the UofC. Tri-fold storage is located in the West Clubs Area and is available to any club (space is limited). The SU provides 192 lockers of various sizes during Fall and Winter semesters. These lockers will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. A community cage is also available for temporary storage of larger items. 

The 2017/18 Locker Request form will open August 11 at 8:30 am. Be sure to submit this on behalf of your club! 

Locker rental period: September 1st, 2017 to April 30th, 2018.*

*Please Note: Due to the Clubs East renovations, some club lockers will be available earliest September 15th. These awesome renovations will allow for more lockers and club storage!

Terms and Conditions


Due to the high demand for, and limited availability of, larger storage spaces, the CSO may reassign the locker and provide alternate locker space to the Club if:

  • The Club fails to accurately disclose or in any way misrepresents the items they intend to store in the locker;
  • The Club fails to take possession of the locker within one month of the beginning of the Rental Period;
  • The Club does not appear to require the use of the entire locker space; or,
  • The Club fails to respond to inquiries regarding the use of the entire space.

General Conditions:

  • Completion of this form does not guarantee the Club will receive locker space;
  • Locker availability is first-come, first served. Every effort will be made to meet the needs of the Club within the limitations of existing SU resources;
  • Clubs are limited to one locker per Locker Rental Period;
  • Once a locker has been assigned and the combination released by the Coordinator, Student Organizations (CSO) to a representative of the club, no changes in locker location will be permitted;
  • Lockers will be rented only for the Locker Rental Period (Fall / Winter semesters);
  • Locker Tenants may only occupy lockers outside of this period by special permission of the CSO, and only if they can demonstrate that they are active on-campus during this session. Any club granted special permission that fails to remain active on-campus during the summer will have future requests for special permission denied;
  • The Student Organizations Coordinator may perform random locker checks; and,
  • Lost or forgotten combinations will be available at the SU Clubs Office (MSC 279B).

Theft and Vandalism:

  • All Locker Tenants are solely responsible for the safety and security of property stored within their locker;
  • The SU is not responsible for lost or stolen items at any time during or after the rental period;
  • Any acts of vandalism, including stickers, damage, or graffiti, will be reported to the CSO and Campus Security immediately; and,
  • The SU reserves the right to impose financial penalties, along with the suspension of Club funding and services, on Locker Tenants that willfully inflict or cause damage to any locker or club space.

Missing Locks:

  • After the rental period, any missing locks will be reported to the SU Clubs Office;
  • The Locker Tenant will be invoiced a $20.00 fee by the SU towards the cost of a new lock; and,
  • The SU reserves the right to suspend any and all Club funding and services until this fee is paid.

Locker Clean Out:

  • All belongings must be removed by the Locker Tenant before the end of the rental period, unless the Locker Tenant has been granted explicit permission by the CSO to extended their locker rental (see General Conditions, above);
  • Any contents left in lockers after the clean out date will be considered property of the SU, and shall be disposed of; and,
  • After the rental period, the SU is not responsible for lost or stolen items left in the lockers.

How to Open Your Lock


University Managed Spaces

Other University of Calgary Venues

For Classrooms, Green Spaces, and anything outside of MacEwan Student Centre, please inquire with Conference and Events Management (CEM). All SU Club events must be approved on ClubHub before a CEM space is booked. Audio visual equipment must be booked through Com/Media and is only free for clubs in certain spaces.

Book Tables outside of MacEwan Student Centre.

Book Classrooms outside of MacEwan Student Centre.

Book Green Spaces at the UofC (map).

Book AV in these spaces through Com/Media.

CEM General Policies

Read the CEM Booking Policy for more information General guidelines include:

  • All bookings must be for ClubHub approved club events 
  • 2 free classroom rentals per calendar month
  • 40% off additional bookings, or 15% off if admission is charged
  • Only 2 designated bookers (different application from MCEC form - see policy) per club
  • Minimum 10 business days notice for all CEM rentals
  • Minimum 5 business days notice for cancellations
  • Subject to availability and discretion of CEM at all times

New for 2016: AV rentals are now free in certain spaces outside of MacEwan Student Centre. See the SU - Com/Media Billing Guidelines for details.

CEM has the final say on bookings made in their spaces. Com/Media has final say over AV rental in their spaces. Any disputes will be referred to the CEM Booking Policy or SU - Com/Media billing guidelines respectively. 

Clubs may book space at Foothills Campus by following their online booking procedure. TFDL workrooms can be booked on their website. Other spaces may be made available to clubs by certain faculties or building managers. Check with your department for information on booking these spaces!

Kinesiology / Active Living Facilities

SU Clubs receive discounted rates in U of C gyms, dance studios, and other Active Living facilities. Generally, Friday and Saturday evenings have the best availability, but these spaces are also used by intramural and varsity groups so they do get busy! Prices are as follows:

  • $38.04/hour – Aux Gym, Dance Studio
  • $45.76/hour – Gold Gym
  • $54.03/hour – Jack Simpson Gym (1 court)
  • $57.33/hour – Red Gym
  • $19.30/hour – Classrooms and small seminar room (KNA 120)
  • Free - KNES info table (must reserve through Active Living)

To book these spaces, contact Karen Delaney ( with the club name, a brief event description, and the space you would like to request. All events must be approved on ClubHub before confirmation will be given!

For more information, see the Clubs Manual or visit

Off-Campus Venues

SU Clubs are encouraged to host events within their communities outside of the UofC. When clubs enter into booking agreements with any venue, they do so as a third party to the SU. Certificates of insurance can be provided by the CSO for off-campus venues, but the SU does not mediate 3rd party conflicts should they arise and SU insurance is only valid for ClubHub approved events.

For more information, see the Clubs Manual.


Some Room Booking Advice

To avoid being disappointed and to ensure the space provided suits your club’s needs, there are a number of things to keep in mind when booking space:

  • Book well in advance. While we'll make every effort to provide a space whenever you request it, the MacEwan Conference & Events Centre is one of the most popular meeting and conference venues in Calgary. As such, there are rarely spare rooms available at the last minute.
  • Be realistic about your potential attendance. Everyone hopes their event will attract hundreds of students. Unfortunately, there are very few rooms in the Event Centre or Student Centre that can accommodate such a large attendance. If you wish to ensure space for your event will be available on the date you want, underestimate how many people will be there. Remember, a standing-room-only event is far more impressive than a half-empty room.
  • Be flexible about time. Most meetings are scheduled on weekdays in the late afternoon and early evening. Consequently, reserving rooms during this time is more difficult than booking in the morning or later at night. Instead of meeting after class, why not have a breakfast or lunch meeting?
  • Have an alternate date in mind. Before you print posters or send out a mass email about your event, make certain it can be booked for the day you requested. The best way to avoid disappointment is to be flexible about the date of your event.
  • Read your confirmation. The best way to avoid unexpected costs, technical mix-ups, and last minute changes to your reservation is to read the small print!

A PDF version of the Clubs Manual is also available to download or view online.


ATB Financial

Clubs Area Hours

Monday to Friday: 8:30am - 10:00pm
Sat / Sun: 11:00am - 5:00pm
Closed stat/school holidays

Contact the CSO

Office: MSC 279B
Phone: (403) 220-2233
Office Hours:
 Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 4:30pm
 Closed Weekends & Stat Holidays

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