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Registering a New Club

Why start your own club? Even with 300+ clubs on campus, there's always room for more! The Students' Union welcomes all unique ideas and proposals for the creation of clubs that foster community engagement and improve the overall quality of life on campus.

Should My Organization Register with the SU?

The SU registers clubs according to the Student Organization Registration Procedure. This means that registered clubs must:

  • Be autonomous, student-run organizations with undergraduate student leadership;
  • Have at least 20 members, 2/3 of whom are current undergraduate students;
  • Be unique in name and mandate;
  • Have membership opportunities for all students at the University of Calgary; and,
  • Exist to promote the general welfare of students at the University of Calgary.

Registration with the SU provides access to many benefits; however, organizations do not have to register a student group with the SU to operate on campus. More info coming soon!

New club registrations are due on ClubHub by noon on the third Friday of every month and will be reviewed within 5 business days of this deadline (i.e., by the following Friday). This deadline also applies to clubs re-registering following the expiry of Provisional Registration.


Registration Process

1. Name & Mandate

Club mandates and names must be unique. The SU will not register clubs that are perceived to substantially duplicate existing organizations or exist to support one-time events.

  • Keep your name short and simple.
  • The name should give a clear idea of what it is the club does.
  • Take care to select a name for the club that will last.
  • Avoid acronyms that are already used by other clubs (check the list!). Duplicate acronyms will cause confusion.
  • Do not use "University of Calgary" in the club name unless you have explicit permission to do so.
  • Pick a category for your club:
    • Academic
    • Activism / Service
    • Cultural / Ethnic
    • Department
    • Greek Letter Association
    • Interest / Hobby
    • Political / Ideological
    • Religious / Spiritual
    • Sports / Outdoors

If you are part of a local, national, or international organization looking to recruit student volunteers, the Students' Union Volunteer Services (specifically the Into the Streets program) is always looking to promote new opportunities. Unsure if you should start a club or post opportunities through VS? Email the CSO!

2. Write a Constitution

Every club must have a unique purpose or mandate to be registered. The club's governing document will state this mandate and outline the internal rules for managing your student organization.

The constitution is the most important part of the registration process. The SU has prepared a writing guide that clubs should follow. This guide includes best practices, examples, and explanations. Remember, these are your rules for running your club!

An electronic (.pdf) version is required to complete the online registration.

3. Recruit Members & Executives

A club needs to have members to have a fulfill its purpose. To register with the Students' Union, you must have at least 20 members in your club.Two thirds of club members must be undergraduate students at the University of Calgary. The other third can be whomever you wish.

Remember to include names and student ID numbers on this list. This list will need to be submitted online, so an electronic spreadsheet format (.xlsx) is required. Use this handy template to organize your member list!

Clubs may charge a membership fee at their discretion. This fee must be outlined in their Club Constitution. The SU does not collect annual fees from clubs. 

Club executives must be current U of C Undergraduate Students . Please have a minimum of four (4) execs. Clubs are permitted to create non-voting "executive advisory / consultant" positions (or similar) for community, faculty, or graduate members who consult on club matters. 

4. Register on ClubHub

Log in to ClubHub. You will need to create a personal account with YOUR email address, not a club specific email.

After you've registered, you'll be taken to the SU Clubs Home Page. Click "Organizations" and choose Register New Organization to start your online application. You can also check out other club's portals from this page!

New club applications are reviewed on a monthly basis throughout the year by the VP Student Life and the Coordinator, Student Organizations. 

5. Revise & Resubmit

If applicable, you will be contacted by the CSO with any revisions that are required. These revisions must be completed and e-mailed to the CSO before your registration will be approved. 

Once approved, revisions must be uploaded to your club's newly created portal by the portal administrator. Instructions for giving access to your new executives can be found on our help page.


Registered Clubs must follow the rules outlined in the SU Clubs Manual (also available to download or view online). Specific club policies can be found here. Other SU Policies and University of Calgary Policies may also apply to certain club activities. 


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Clubs Area Hours

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Sat / Sun: 11:00am - 5:00pm
Closed stat/school holidays

Contact the CSO

Office: MSC 279B
Phone: (403) 220-2233
Office Hours:
 Mon - Fri, 8:30am - 4:30pm
 Closed Weekends & Stat Holidays

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